Alumni Association Board of Trustees

Samantha Stone '87

A proud alumnus of SMUS ('87), Samantha has returned to contribute in a volunteer capacity. After graduating from SMUS, Samantha continued her studies at UBC where she earned a B.A. and B.Ed. in French Language. She also holds a Master of Sci. in Educational Leadership from the University of Oregon and an M.Ed. in Educational Psychology from the University of Victoria.

Prior to returning to Victoria, Samantha worked in the independent school system at Collingwood School in West Vancouver and West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver as both a teacher and as a vice principal. A dedicated parent and passionate volunteer, Sam has actively participated in community initiatives, but particularly those around education and youth. She brings to the Board of Trustees her experience at all levels of volunteering and administration. In addition to her duties on the SMUS Alumni Association, she is currently a Director for Programming on the Board at Bays United Football Club where she shares her organizational and administrative skill set including education, policy development, staff supervision and support.

Samantha is a proud and active parent to four amazing children and is looking forward to all her children following the family tradition and completing their education at SMUS. Through her involvement in the SMUS Alumni Association, Samantha hopes to engage more alumni in their connection to the school.

Matthew Ashton '13

Matthew Ashton is a recent alumnus (’13) of SMUS and after a year of attending the University of Calgary, is currently in his last year of psychology at the University of Victoria, completing an honors thesis in concussion research. During his time at SMUS, Matthew dedicated himself primarily to several AP courses and the squash team. Presently, Matthew works and volunteers in two research labs at the university in the fields of couples and families, and minor traumatic brain injuries. He also works as an assistant clinical research coordinator at a local urology clinic, and as a Volunteer Team Leader for several of the programs at the Royal Jubilee Hospital. He is currently intending to attend medical school and working on a business in disability services.

Matthew’s interest in alumni relations at SMUS began with wanting to introduce more opportunities for mentorship among alumni and students at SMUS. He also chairs the SMUS Mentorship Committee to advance such a program.

Jeremy Cordle '91

Jeremy Cordle '91 was born in Cardiff, Wales in 1972. Following two years in Northern Alberta, he moved to Victoria in 1986 with his sister Carole (GNS '88) and parents Una and Tony (SMUS staff 1986 - present). Jeremy and his father became part of the SMUS fabric in the fall of '86. With a great love and aptitude for all sports, Jeremy thrived in the most successful athletic period in the school's long history. In five years at the school, Jeremy was fortunate to be a member of six island championship winning teams culminating in the school's first BC High School Rugby championship in 1991.

Since leaving the school in 1991, Jeremy had the honor of representing Canada in both cricket ('91) and rugby ('98). After completing his extensive career in sport, Jeremy settled happily into family life in Victoria with partner Alana and children Jaxson and Luci. 

In the spring of 2005, Jeremy and Alana opened Esteem Treatments Wellness Spa in Victoria where they enjoy helping their clientele find ways to maintain stress-free and healthy lives. Jeremy also has the pleasure of training and mentoring many young student athletes not only from SMUS, but also from a number of local schools in the Victoria area.

It is in this chapter of life where Jeremy finds himself drawn back to the SMUS community. Students, parents and staff (current and past) who are patrons of his business give Jeremy a unique perspective of life at the school. He has a deep love for SMUS, and finds the skills he acquired there serve him well in every day life. Jeremy looks forward to helping the school continue to link its excellent past to its limitless future.

It is for these reasons that Jeremy is both confident and ready to serve the school and the Alumni Board of Trustees.

William Cunningham '77

William has had a long and close relationship with SMUS for over 40 years. He graduated from SMUS in 1977. His older brother Johann and two younger brothers Erik and Irwin also graduated from SMUS. SMUS had prepared him well for his University years, a B.Sc. at UBC and then M.D. at McGill University and eventually his medical and leadership career.

William’s two sons attended SMUS - Richard '13 and David '15. His daughter Elizabeth, a lifer, is set to graduate in 2023. In addition, 3 nephews, Christopher, Jonathan and Nicolas have also graduated from SMUS. Elizabeth is now the 10th Cunningham at the school.

In addition to his connection to the school and being a long-time donor, William has acquired a skill set that is generally applicable to organizations like the SMUS Alumni Association. He has practiced Medicine both as a Family Physician and Emergency Physician and has held numerous leadership positions over the past three decades. Most notably in BC he has been a Board member of the BC Medical Association and sat on numerous committees including a specialty section and society, nomination, policy development, governance, economics and finance and negotiating committees. He was on the Board of the BCMA/Doctors of BC for 5 years and on the Executive for 4 years and was President of the BCMA, a 12,500-member association, in 2013/2014.

In addition, he has served two years on the Canadian Medical Association Board and was also a trustee of the Canadian Medical Foundation. A great deal of his work was in relation to ensuring organizations relevance to members and member engagement and good governance.

William strongly believes that one of SMUS' strengths is its Alumni, who when they graduate are truly well prepared for further higher education and life. This is something they carry with them throughout their lives. As an Alumnus, William likes to think that others, including his own children, have the opportunity to go to an excellent school like SMUS and that they can thrive as a result of that enriched experience. The Alumni can support the success of the school in many ways and he would enjoy being part of that.

Christopher Devlin '86

Christopher and his wife, fellow alumnus Claire Handley ’84, are parents to current student Liam.

Christopher has been a member of the British Columbia bar since May 1998. He is also a member of the bar of Alberta and the bar of the Northwest Territories. Christopher’s practice focuses on Aboriginal and Treaty law on behalf of First Nations, tribal councils, Métis groups and other Indigenous organizations.

Christopher works with Indigenous peoples throughout Western Canada, as a litigator, negotiator and strategic advisor. He has appeared as counsel at all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada, as well as before administrative tribunals and regulatory panels. He has negotiated multi-party agreements on behalf of Indigenous clients, including specific claim settlements, consultation process agreements and impact benefit agreements.

Christopher is consistently recognized as a leading lawyer in the area of Aboriginal Law in the Annual Canadian Legal Lexpert® Directory. He periodically lectures and writes on Aboriginal Law and legal ethics.

Tom Erlic '88

Tom Erlic ’88 started at St. Michaels University School in grade 6. After graduation, Tom attended Queen’s University where he earned his bachelor in Applied Science (’94). Shortly after graduating, Tom co-founded a high tech start up ‘Precision MicroDynamics’ in Victoria BC. The company is very active today and serves customers world-wide. In 2003 Tom decided to go back to school to improve his business skills and graduated with a masters in Business Administration from the University of Victoria in 2006.

The Erlic family has numerous SMUS Alumni as well as current students. They are Mile Erlic ’81 and his sons Martin ’09, Jure ‘10 and Joseph ’12, and Tom’s sons Simon '19 and Liam '21.

Chris May '92

Chris May attended SMUS as a day student from 1987 to 1992. His first year at the school was spent at the Middle School’s Racquet Club campus, before returning to the Senior school for the remainder of his years.

In the SMUS environment with it’s teacher/mentor/coaches, Chris blossomed academically and athletically. Their standards, set in the classroom, were reinforced on the field. This foundation in his early years, led to both academic and athletic scholarships on graduation. The expectations of the school and it’s staff, on the character and integrity of it’s students, resonated with Chris and helped to develop strong leadership skills in rugby. In his final year at SMUS, Chris captained the provincial championship winning rugby team.

After leaving SMUS, Chris attended the University of Victoria, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree. During those years, Chris played rugby for the Vikes, as well as a Canadian development rugby team that was based in Victoria. Shortly after university, Chris stopped playing rugby and transitioned into coaching. The lessons and standards from his days on the SMUS fields, led to rugby coaching success, winning provincial Premiere league titles and representative coaching honours at Junior, provincial and National team levels.

After marriage and a move to Vancouver, Chris attended the University of British Columbia, where he attained a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. Upon graduation, he returned to Victoria with his wife, Andrea, and started his career as a physiotherapist. He now works in Victoria at Rebalance MD. Chris quickly became involved in rugby again, now as a physiotherapist/coach, and has been involved with the national mens rugby team, and locally with the Castaway-Wanderers RFC. In 2007, Chris had the opportunity to work with the SMUS rugby program as a strength and conditioning coach. That year, the school won the BC provincial championship.

Now, with a young daughter, Harper, Chris is striving to give her the same foundation that he received in his years at SMUS. For all that he has received, he is keen to give back to his school as a member of the Alumni Board.

Tye Spicer '98

Tye came to the SMUS Senior School in 1994 and graduated in 1998. After leaving the school, he completed a B.Sc. at the University of Victoria followed by an MBA at the University of British Columbia. Tye has since worked as a Management Consultant, spending 5 years in Toronto before returning to Victoria. He has reconnected with the school and fellow alums since returning to the city after several years away and wishes to further his involvement with, and contribution to, a place that has had such a big impact on his life.

Tye has very fond memories of the experiences and people that he was fortunate enough to cross paths with during his time at the school, and is eager to become more actively involved in support of the school. Many of his best memories of the school involve athletics, where lifelong lessons were learned and bonds made; however the most enduring feature of his SMUS experience is the caliber of people across all parts of the school. Teachers, coaches, counsellors and staff all contributed to his learning and growth in these formative years.

Philip Woodcock '90

Philip is a Canadian maritime executive with extensive business development, operational, regulatory and safety compliance experience. In addition to core skills of company management, and as a navigator, auditor and technical ship manager he has developed comprehensive abilities in identifying and reporting complex ideas to technical and non-technical audiences and in negotiating with multi-national management teams. With a track record in business development and sales, he is well-versed in conceiving ideas and pitching them to investors. Since 2016, Philip has led two startups, restructured a group of companies as Managing Director and been a Supervisory Board member.

Philip attended SMUS from Grade 8 and played cricket and rugby with much enthusiasm. After his graduation in 1990, he moved to the UK to attend sea school and study to be an officer in the Merchant Navy. After 11 years sailing he attended the University of Wales in Cardiff to do an MSc in Marine Policy. Following that, Philip moved to Miami to begin his second career in ship management. He has since worked as a government regulator, auditor and ship manager in America, Bermuda and the Netherlands and now makes his home in Victoria where he has a consultancy business, Wyndward Maritime Ltd.

Philip has volunteered with industry trade associations such as the British Columbia Nautical Institute, National Workboat Association and the International Marine Contractors Association. Philip and his wife Sandra have two children and he shares his passion by coaching youth cricket and helping to develop youth cricket in Victoria.