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Scout Troop, 1957

Scout Troop, 1957

Soccer Team, 1966

Soccer Team, 1966 John Harris, coach

Scout Troop, 1952/53

Scout Troop, 1952/53

Class Photo, 1966?

Peter Cheshire, teacher 1966?

Gymnastics, 1963

Gymnastics - On the Horse, 1963

Cricket Team, 1962?

Cricket Team, 1962?

Cub Pack, 1958/59

Cub Pack, 1958/59

1st XI Soccer Team, 1955

Soccer Team 1st XI, 1955

Shakespeare Scene, 1930?

Shakespeare Scene - students in costume, 1930?

Gymnastics, 1963

Gymnastics - Rings, 1963


Taming of the Shrew

The Taming of the Shrew, perfomed by the grade 12 drama class in November 1997.

Senior School Fall Concert, 1997

The Senior School Fall Concert, December 8, 1997. Music performed by the String Orchestra, Band, and Choir.

Senior School Fall Concert, 1996

Senior School Fall Concert, December 2, 1996. Performances by the String Orchestra, Band and Choir.

Middle School Spring Concert, 2001

SMUS Middle School Spring Concert, May 3, 2001

Hamlet, 1996

Clay animation of Hamlet, 1996.


SMUS musical production of "Oklahoma," 1996.

Art in Bloom

The exhibits of "Art in Bloom", February 1997.

Senior School Spring Concert, 1997

SMUS Senior School Spring Concert, June 3, 1997

Piano Concerto Concert, 1996

SMUS Senior School Piano Concerto Concert, March 1996.

Senior School Choral Highlights, 1995/96

Choral highlights from concerts during the 1995-1996 school year.


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