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Cadet Battalion, 1912

Cadet Battalion

Shooting Team, 1946/47

Shooting Team

Cadet Corps, 1918

Cadet Corps

Christmas Card, 1914

Christmas Card 7 Students Finlayson, Understudy; Kilpatrick, Prefect; Dobbie, Football; Spalding, Cricket; Creery(W), Cadet; Lennie II, Scout; Heywood, Gymnastics



Lord Strathcona, Sept. 2, 1909

Lord Strathcona visits University School

School prefects, 1929/30

School prefects

Band on Parade, April 1912

Band on Parade

Flag Pole Raising, January 1912

"Going Up," Flag Pole Raising

Cadet Rifle group, 1919?

Cadet Rifle group


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