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Harvey House demolition, 1992?

Harvey House demolition

Sack race, 1956

Sack race

Portrait of a Cadet, 1956?

Portrait of one Cadet, 1956?

Construction of Chapel, 1961

Construction of the Chapel

Construction of Chapel, 1961

Construction of the Chapel, putting on the steeple.

Construction of Chapel, 1961

Construction of the Chapel, putting on the steeple

Cadet inspection, 1954

Inspecting officer, Lieutenant Governor Col. The Hon. Clarence Wallace

Dorm life

Six students in a dormitory

Sea Scout, 1940s

Sea Scout in uniform

Sports Day

Start of the 1/4 mile U16 race On the far right is the winner R.B. Gordon



SMUS Grade 12 Drama class presents "MacBeth" in February 1999.

Senior School Fall Concert, 1998

SMUS Senior School Fall Concert, December 8, 1998, featuring Band, Strings and Choir.

Will Power, 1998

SMUS Middle School musical production of "Will Power" performed at the Kaleidoscope Playhouse on January 29-31, 1998. Written and directed by Douglas Manson-Blair, SMUS faculty.

Middle School Prize Day, 1999

SMUS Middle School Prize Day, June 25, 1999.

Disneyland Tour, 1999

SMUS Senior School, Disneyland Choir tour, February 1999.

Graduation and Prize Day, 1997

SMUS Senior School Graduation and Prize Day Ceremony, June 1997.

Middle School Spring Concert, 1998

SMUS Middle School Spring Concert, May 6, 1998, featuring Band, Strings, and Choir.

"Playing For Time"

SMUS Grade 11 Drama class presents "Playing For Time" performed on May 18th and 19th, 1999.

Senior Choir Concert, 1999

SMUS Senior School Choir Concert, 1999.

Grad Fashion Show, 1998

SMUS Grad Fashion Show, April 1998.


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