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Basketball action

Basketball action

Signal Corps, 1921

Signal Corps posing in front of School House See Black and Red 1921, p17

Captain R.V. Harvey, 1914

Captain R.V. Harvey

The Battalion, 1913

The Battalion

Cadet Band, 1960s

Cadet Band

Cadet Band

Cadet Corps Band marching

Field Day, 1920s

Field Day Race

Calgary Group, 1989

Calgary Group, February 12, 1989

"Ups and Downs," 1982

'Mouse' of "Ups and Downs"

"Ups and Downs," 1982

'Mouse' of "Ups and Downs"


Middle School Spring Concert, 2000

SMUS Middle School Spring Concert, May 16th 2000. Featuring band, strings and choir.

Jazz Festival, 2000

SMUS Jazz Festival in 2000, featuring Hugh Fraser, various jazz bands and the Vocal Jazz Ensemble.

Demolition of the Gym, 1963

The demolition of the old, old University School gym, in 1963.

The Importance of Being Earnest, 2000

Drama production of "The Importance of Being Earnest," October 2000.

SMUS Generations

Three generations of SMUS grads reflect on the school and its influence.

First Girls

Three members of SMUS' first female class talk about their experience and their legacy.

W.W. Bolton

A short biographical film about SMUS co-founder W. W. Bolton.


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