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Swimming Pool

The swimming pool

Soccer Team

The soccer team with coach, Tony Keble


"Aunty Em"

Aunty Em, from the Fred Price Photo Collection

Cadet Inspection

Cadet Inspection, 1930?

Rugby Team

Rugby Team

Cadet Inspection

Cadet inspection

Cadet Inspection

3 VIPs on front steps during cadet inspetion, Early 1940s

Group Photo

Old Boys Realy? Team and Old Boys 1936 (Photo donated by E.E.Teagle)

Cricket Team, 1967

Cricket Team, 1967

Drama, 1950s

Drama, 1950s


A Class Act

"A Class Act", 1993 Promotional trailer for SMUS.

Ups and Downs

A 1981 film written, produced and directed by Paul Almond. The movie was filmed on campus and many of the cast were students of the School.

Welcoming Liturgy for Rev. Dr. June Maffin

Welcoming Liturgy for Reverend  Dr. June Maffin in the School Chapel, on October 28, 2001.

The Wiz, 2003

SMUS Senior School Musical Production of "The Wiz" in 2003.

South Pacific, 2002

SMUS Senior School musical production of "South Pacific", performed on February 26 - March 2, 2002.

Graduation and Prize Day, 2002

Senior School Prize Day, and Grade 12 Graduation, June 2002.

Art, Poetry and Song

An evening of art, poetry and song, on May 23, 2002.

Choir and Soloists Concert

The 2002 Choir and Soloists Concert.

Oliver, 2002

SMUS Middle School production of "Oliver", performed on March 7-9, 2002.

Jazz Band 25th Anniversary Musicfest Canada

Jazz Band performance at the 25th anniversary of Musicfest Canada in 1997.


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