Through the Years...

Original US Building, 1908

Corner of Oak Bay Avenue and Richmond Rd- used from 1906 until the new school building at Mt. Tolmie was opened in 1909 Boys from Queens School, Vancouver arrive at University School Jan 20, 1908

School House, November 1908

School House under construction

School, 1908

Oak Bay Ave. Upper School

School House, November 1908

School House being built

School House, October 1908

West Wing of School House under construction, with Mt. Tolmie in background

School Campus, 1908

Site of the new School Campus from top of Knights Lane, before construction of School House.

University School, 1908

7 boys outside first University School Building at the Corner of Oak Bay Ave and Richmond.

Shooting, pre 1948

4 cadets in the School's Indoor rifle Range. Cadets changed from wearing forage caps to berets between 1947 to 1948.

Rugby, 1908/09

Rugby team photo.

School House, October 1908

School House under construction

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