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"Aunty Em"

Aunty Em, from the Fred Price Photo Collection

Man in uniform, 1910?

Man in uniform

Harvey House, 1910s

Harvey House, Junior's House. Fred Price Photo Collection 1910-19

Front Drive, 1910s

Front Drive. Fred Price Photo Collection 1910-19

Boating, 1910s

Boating on Maple Bay

Maple Bay, 1910s

Maple Bay, BC Fred Price Photo Collection 1910-19

Tzouhalm Hotel, 1910s

Tzouhalm Hotel, Duncan, BC Fred Price Photo Collection 1910-19

Cadets, 1910s

Cadet Group. Fred Price Photo Collection 1910-19

Cadet, 1910s

Cadet. Fred Price? Fred Price Photo Collection 1910-19

Students, 1910s

Saturdays XI.

Mail Call, 1910s

Cricket, 1910s

Bowler in action

Students, 1910

Boys studying  in Prefects room.

School Campus, 1910

Year End Sports Day - School Fields, School House, Pump House, spectators and cars

Cadets, 1910

Cadet Corps on the field.

Cadets, pre 1914

Cadet field exercise.

School Field, 1910?

Early photo of the School Field.

A puzzling picture - a long line of boys in recumbent pose. 3 cricket wickets on right of photo. Probably looks to W-SW. A long fence (now McCrae Ave?) Long grass in front of fence. Blurred background.

Cricket, 1910

Cricket 2nd XI team photo

Scouts, 1910

Saption 'Fifteenth Troop V.B.S. 1910'
Capt RV Harvey is in the photo

Sports Day, June 21 1910

Guard of Honour to Lieut-Govenor Paterson

Sports Day, June 21 1910

General view of the School

Sports Day, June 21 1910

The end of a race. Photo caption "At the Tape"

Sports Day, June 21 1910

photo caption "Victoria Cross Race"

Scouts, 1910

caption "Fourteenth Troop VBS 1910"

Cadets, 1910

Cadet Corps.

Cadets, Oct. 1910

caption " 'A' Company, Cadet Corps, Winners of Spencer Cup, October 1910"

Cadets, Oct. 1910

'A' Company Cadet Corps, winners of Spencer cup October 1910

Memorial Service, 1910?

Black and Red, May 1910, p10 - "On Paardenberg Day, Feb 28, the Cadet Corps again attended Memorial Service at the Drill Hall, this time 61 strong. The day was very wet, so we went down in a special car"

Band, 1920

The Cadet Band group photo.

Cricket, 1910

Cricket XI team photo

School House, 1910

Cadets, 1910-13?

Field Day.
(The cadets held field days in all three years 1910/11/12/13)

Rugby, 1910/11

Junior Rugby XV team photo.

This is a guess: The March 1911 Black and Red, March 1911, p13-14 reports on its games Oct 10 - feb 11. Names mentioned are Woodward II; Bell- Irving; Tatlow; Ramsay; Simpson; W. Decker; R. Creery

Rugby, 1910/11

Rugby 1st XV team photo.

R.V. Harvey, 1910?

Founder R.V. Harvey holding a camera, and taking a self portrait.

Shooting, 1910

1st Prize Canadian Rifle team photo.

C.C. Ferrie, 1910?

US 1911-13
B&R Dec. 1918 p.32, Colin Ferrie wounded overseas.
1943 Sports Day - Colonel Colin Ferrie (CO Gordon Head Training Camp) presented awards.

R.W.L. Crawford, 1910?

At University School, 1909-1912
Killed in WWI, Royal Field Artillery, Died of Wounds 1916
Black and Red, Nov. 16, p15/16

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