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1st XI Cricket, 1911

1st XI Cricket team

Students in a car, September 6th 1911

US Students in open car at Willows Fairground, Victoria

Harvey House, pre 1914

Harvey House Juniors.

Cadet Officers, 1911/12

Captain Harvey is Centre Back row.

Black & Red, May 1911 p5, Cadet Battalion News gives names of 9 Cadet Officers. This photo has 9 Cadet Officers!

Scout Troop, June 29 1911

Scouts starting tramp to Nanaimo.

Under the date is (C.N. Galer) who probably took the photo.
Capt. Harvey is in the centre of the photo. Scouts have both bicycles and a 'trek cart.' The date suggests that this was a summer holiday enterprise.

Cadets, 1911

Cadets in front of School House. It looks like a rehearsal. There is a 'platoon' at the slope arms, and to the right are people in a more casual pose

Cadets, 1911/12

Cadets Paraded in front of School House.

Sports Day, June 20 1911

The Mile Race - Caption reads: 'The Mile. McAnally(winner), Devine, York, Stone'
The result of the Race from the Black and Red: One Mile (Open) 1st McAnally, 2nd Wade, 3rd Devine I. Time 5min 13sec (New School Record)

Cadets, 1911/12

Cadets Paraded in front of School House.

Prefects, 1911

Sports Day, 1911/12

Looks like a Junior Race in progress. Background is very open and rugby posts look quite rudimentary.

Scout Troop, June 29 1911

Scout treck to Nanaimo.

Scouts, June 29 1911

Scout troop gathers on the Quad before trek to Nanaimo.

Sports Day, June 20 1911

The finish of a race, but also a general view of the day's activity.

Sports Day, 1911?

Track and Field Race.

Sports Day, June 20 1911

 Gathering in front of School House for the prize presentation. 


Sports Day, 1911?

Obstacle Race in progress.

Sports Day, June 20 1911

Race action, relay exchange of baton.

Sports Day, June 20 1911

Relay race in action.

Sports Day, June 20 1911

Relay race action.

Sports Day, 1911?

General scene.
Right foreground - Fifth Regiment Band provided musical entertainment.

Cricket, 1911?

Cricket Game in progress.

Flag, 1911/1912

Saluting the Flag.

The flagstaff was erected in late 1911 or early 1912. Black and Red, Feb 1912, p5 reports this event but gives no exact date

Sports Day, 1911?

Sports Day Trophy/Prize Table.

Boys, 1911

The boys are outside Shool House (East Side) on the Quad. They were likely waiting for the distribution of mail.

Cadets, 1911

Military group of Adult officers and young Cadets

This is a guess: Taken Summer of 1911 in Ottawa. Lt. Harvey and two students R. Crawford & D. Bell-Irving attended the DRA International Meeting in Ottawa. Aug 1911. Lt Havey is extreme left in the photo, and the second student to the right of Lt. Harvey is possibly R. Crawford.

Parade, 1911

June 22, Coronation Day Parade for the Coronation of King George V.

Cadets, 1911?

Cadets in locker room.

Cadets, 1911

Cadet Band Leading a platoon up the driveway in front of Harvey House.

Black and Red, Dec 11, p25, caption "A Company Oct 25"

Cadet Officers, Dec. 1911

No. 170 University School Cadet Battalion

Black and Red, Nov 1911, p22, lists Cadet Battalion

Cadet Officers, Oct. 5 1911

Officers Mess, Field Day.

Cadets, 1911

Cadet Band. Black and Red, Nov 1911, p21 has a band photo and the numbers are close: 12 members

Cadets, 1911-14

Cadet Field Day exercise.

Rugby, 1911/12

Rugby 1st XV team photo.

Rugby, 1911

Junior Rugby XV team photo.

The only indication of names comes from the Black and Red, Feb 1912, p2 - "The Junior team, captained by J. Tatlow, played seven matches with the Collegiat School Juniors, of which they won five, lost one and drew one"

Cadet Band, Oct. 1911

Picture appears in the Black and Red, Nov 1911, p21 with the caption "Our Band  Prize Picture  by A. Thoresen." The picture is accompanied by some Poetry (Doggerd) about the band.

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