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Drill and Gym Team, 1912

13 man Drill and Gym team sent to Toronto for Cdn NH Exibition from University School. National and International competition

Cadet Battalion, 1912

Cadet Battalion

Band on Parade, April 1912

Band on Parade

Flag Pole Raising, January 1912

"Going Up," Flag Pole Raising

Prefects, May 1912


Tea on Sports Day, 1912

Tea on Sports Day School field, School House, Dining, Gym, Classroom Block , Harvey House

Masters, 1912

Masters - Barnacle (1906-23) ; Harvey (1908-14) ; Ashley Sparks (1901-14) ; Gauntlet Thomas (1909-14) ; Willis (1911-14)

Prize Day, 1912?

Cars on school field Pump house, School House, Dining Hall, Gym, Classroom block, Harvey House

Start of race, 1912?

Start of race. Note the horse-drawn lawn mower and Harvey House in the background.

Teachers, 1912

Whole School, 1913

Whole School Photo.

early 1913 since the Black and Red, March 1913 reports that the staff was increased from 8 to 11. There are 11 masters in this photo. Also in Nov 1912 B&R reported that WW Bolton had retired form active work. WWB is not in this photo but RV Harvey is - so it is pre 1914.

Prefects, 1912

Officers, 1912

Cadet Officers of B Company.

Rugby, 1912/13

Rugby 1st XV team photo

Field Hockey, 1912/13

Field Hockey team photo.

Track and Field, 1912

School Track Team, Victoria Inter Schools. With Swinerton Cup

Shooting, 1912

Rifle Team photo.

Winners of the Canadian Rifle League, Championship of Canada for second time.

New Zealand Cadets, Oct 2 1912

NZ cadets attended CNE in summer 1912 in Toronto. They, together with US Cadet Corps, who represented BC, took part in Commonwealth Rifle Competition. NZ cadets probably visited US on their way home from Toronto. The War Cry or HAKA is being performed on the playing field here.

New Zealand Cadets, 1912

Photo of NZ Cadets Contingent at CNE Toronto 1912. NZ Cadets together with US Cadets (representing BC) were part of Commonwealth Rifle Competition

Cadets, Aug. 1912

The Cadets from US who represented BC at the Competitions of the CNE in Toronto in August of 1912.

High Jump, 1912?

High Jump.

Harvey House (completed Feb 1912) in the background

Cricket, 1912

Masters Cricket XI.

In 1912 Masters played 2 games vs. Boys, May 1st and May 8th.

Sports Day, mar 29, 1912

Obstacle Race, Black and Red 1912 June edition, p4.

Cricket, 1912

Cricket XI team photo.

Cadets, pre 1918

Cadets on parade in downtown Victoria.

Group Photo, 1912-1914

not sure what group - in front of Harvey House. In the back are Harvey, Bolton, Barnacle, and Ashley Sparks

Scouts, 1912

28 scouts display using staves, some with flages.
Background right (to right of Harvey House) is the Wardens Garden

Lake, 1912/13?

Photo of a small lake, this photo may have been taken on a Cadet Field Day (1912 - Lost Lake, 1913 - Swan Lake)(?)

Cadets, July 1912

BC Cadets in Camp Macaulay Plains in Victoria V.I.

Cadets, July 1912

Cadet Camp, probably the BC Cadet Camp Macaulay Plains Victoria, July 1912.

Cadets, 1912?

B.C. Cadet Camp.

Cadets, 1912

caption "The Battalion   J. Sanderson."

J.W. Sanderson was at US 1910-12

Cadets, 1912-18

Cadet inspection.

The cadets are wearing 'bush hats' therefore the picture is 1918 or earlier.

Scouts, 1912-14

Scouts camping trip.

Scouts, 1912-14

Scout display in the Quad, using staves and flags.

Scouts, May 1912

Caption under photo "Fifteenth Troop practises for Camp Scene  May 1912"

Cadets, 1912-14

Cadet Field Day Scene

Cadets, 1912

Cadet Camp. University School Cadets represented BC at CNE in Toronto in 1912.

Cadets, 1912

University School Cadets represented BC at the CNE in  Toronto in the Rifle Competition.

ricket, 1912

Cricket Hornets XI team photo

Winners of Clayton Cup - Clayton Cup is the Intermural Cricket Competition. 4 teams, Hornets, Grasshoppers, Owls, Fireflies.
Captain: Wade

Staff, 1912

Staff informal photo. 

Back centre, R.V. Harvey; front second from right, Collisson;

Gym VIII, 1912

Gym VIII team photo.

Class Photo, Mar. 1912

Sixth Form.

At the back of the photo are founders RV Harvey and J.C. Barnacle

Prefects, May 1912

Prefects group photo.

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