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The Battalion, 1913

The Battalion

Rifle X, 1913

Rifle X, 3rd in Canada

School Campus, 1913

School grounds from Head's House. School House, Classroom Block, Harvey House.

Cadets, June 1913

Cadet Battalion on School Field.

Cadets, July 1 1913?

Cadets in Dominion Day Manoeuvres.

Black and Red Nov 1913 p21 (?)

Cadets, 1913?

Cadet Field Day.

There were varied cadet manoeuvres in 1913, as reported in Nov 13, Black and Red (year is and estimate)

Cadets, 1913?

Cadet Parade for Field Day.

Pre 1918, possibly 1913.

East House, 1913

East House group photo.

West House, 1913

Summer Term 1913 US changed the house system wherby School House was divided into 2 parts, East and West. Warden's House (later Harvey House) was the 3rd. Rev. Mr. Willis was House Master of West House, and he appears in the photo (see clerical collar)

Cadets, 1913

Cadet Band in Victoria.

Cadets, 1913

Cadets marching through town.

Cadets, 1913

Cadet Field Day action.

Rugby, 1913/14

Rugby Team 1st XV photo

Cricket, 1913

Cricket 1st XI team photo

Band, 1913

It is hard to date this band photo. Indeed it seems a small group and the boys look quite young. Photo is taken in front of the old water pump shed and the East side of School House is visible on the left. It is a summer photo, for cricket scores are posted 71 - 6.

Rugby, 1913/14

This is probably a Galer Cup Team. Victorians, Internationals, All Blacks, Waratahs

Cadets, 1913

Estimated to be July 1, 1913.
Black & Red Nov 1913, p21 reports Dominion Day Manoeuvres which included Seaforth Highlanders of Vancouver. US Cadets were included as defenders with 88th Victoria Fusiliers (Capt. Harvey's Regiment) and others. Photo suggests this is the Officers Field Mess.

Rugby, 1913/14

West House Rugby XV

Cadet Inspection, 1913/1914

Cadets Inspection March Past.

The Cadets are in 'bush hats' (pre 1919)

Cadet Inspection, 1913/1914

Cadets seem to be 'at rest' and the group of officers standing are probably the Inspection Team of officers. Looks like the second from the right is Capt Harvey, which dates the photo 1914 or earlier

Gym VIII, 1913

Gym VIII team photo. Black and Red, June 1913, p3

Field Hockey, 1913

Field Hockey team photo.

Black and Red does a critique of only 8 players

Field Hockey, 1913

Masters Staff Field Hockey XI team photo.

Black and Red, Nov 1913, p9

A.J. Hudson, 1913/14

O.R. Clouston, 1913/14

E.A. Tunnicliffe, 1913/14

C.H. Collison, 1913/14

A.R. Dobson, 1913/14

Sgt. Major Burnett, 1913/14

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