Through the Years...

Field Day, 1920s

Field Day Race

Dorm, 1920s

Boys in bed in Harvey House

Sports Day, 1920s

Quater Mile Open on field

1st XI Cricket, 1920

Cricket 1st XI

Cricket, 1920

1st XI Cricket team photo

Boarders' Photo? 1920s

Prize Day, 1920s

Drama, 1920s

Shakespearean play.

Boxing, 1920?

Two boys in white shorts and shirts boxing.

Students, 1920s?

Two boys posing on the cannon.

Cadet, 1920-23?

Cadet in uniform.

Teacher, 1920?

Master on quad. Junior boys playing behind him.

Students, 1920s

Helgesen, Aivazoff, Bonar and Hennicker on school field

Students, 1920s?

A group of junior boys.

School Campus, 1920s

School House and Harvey House.

Physical Training display, 1920

Group of boys
in gym clothes posed with instructor.
See Black and Red 1920 p.29

Duke of Devonshire, April 9 1920

The Duke of Devonshire (Gov. Gen) calls for three cheers for the King.. Cadet Major R.B. Bonar. Cdt. Lt. Wenman can be seen under the right armpit of the Gov. Gen.

Speech Day, 1920s?

Drill Display, 1920s?

Drill display, in garden.

Boxing, 1920s

Boxing display, in garden.

Drill Display, 1920s?

Drill display, in garden.

Murphy Family, 1920s

Edward Owen Murphy, Agnus Murphy(nee Kirkwood, mother), John Denman Kirkwood Murphy

House Photo, 1920

Staff, 1920?

School Campus, 1920-23

School House and playing fields.

Cricket, 1920

1st XI Cricket team

Rugby, 1920/21

Rugby team photo

Team Members: R.B. Bonar, T.S. Pritchard, S.M. Aivazoff, H.D. Burbidge, C.H. Helgesen, R.C. Clarke, W.O. Black, G.C. Halse, Parker, Reg Wenman, Stuart, Pringle, Goodrich, Hodson, Crofton

Track and Field, 1920?

Track athlete breaking the tape

Rugby, 1920

Captain of the Rugby XV team, A.R. London.

Cricket, 1920

U16 Cricket XI team photo.

Photo in Black and Red, June 1920, p16.
Team played only one or two games. Team vs. Collegiate School from p18 B&R.

Cadets, 1920

Cadets March Past, probably a Cadet Inspection. Estimated date of 1919/20. After 1918 Cadets changed head dress from bush hats to forage caps. Then, in 1920-23 it was Univ. Military School and the Cadets wore blue uniforms and Service hats.
*p27 Black & Red, June 1920 - Annual Inspection. Inspecting officer Brig-General Ross DSO, 27 May 1920

Ice Hockey, 1920/21

Ice Hockey Team photo

Shooting, 1920

Inter Schools Shooting Team.

Black and Red p31, June 1920

Sports Day, 1920

His Honour the Lieut-Governor, presenting the prizes. Black and Red, p10,June 1920.

Cadets, May 27 1920

Cadet Inspection.

Black and Red, June 1920, p20, Inspecting officer Brig. Gen. Ross and Lt. Col. Belson, seen to left in photo with Sgt. Maj. Sam Watson

Rugby, 1920/21

Captain of the 1st XV Rugby team, R.B. Bonar.

Cadets, 1920/21

Cadet Corps group photo.

Sports Champions, 1920

Black and Red, June 1920, p21
J. Halse, Junior Athletic Champion 1920
R.B. Bonar, Athletic Champion 1920
C.H. Helgesen, Senior Boxing Champion 1920

Field Hockey, 1920

Field Hockey XI team photo.

Cadet Inspection, May 27 1920

Cadets annual inspection. Black and Red, June 1920, p27 - caption "Extended Order Drill"

Sports Day, Jun 5 1920


Black and Red, June 1920, p12

Whole School, 1920?

Whole School Photo.

Ice Hockey, 1920

Ice Hockey Team Photo.

Black and Red, March 1920, p19

Cadets, 1920

Cadet Corps Band in front of School House.
See Black and Red, p23

Cadets, 1920-23

Cadet Corps, parade near Empress Hotel - snow on ground.

Masters, 1920s

Cadet, 1920-23

Cadet Sergant Major Fred C. Pollard

Group Photo, 1920s

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