Through the Years...

Signal Corps, 1921

Signal Corps posing in front of School House See Black and Red 1921, p17

Cricket, 1921

Cricket team photo

Harvey House Boys, 1921/22

Harvey House boys in their Blues posed on the
steps of Harvey House.

Gym VIII, 1921

Gym VIII team photo

Duke of Devonshire, Apr. 19 1921

Visit of the Duke of Devonshire, Governor General of Canada.

The Gov. Gen. Inspected the Cadet Corps ond this is part of the Vice Regal party. To the right are A.D.C.; J.C. Barnacle; President U.M.S.; The Duke of Devonshire, Gov. Gen of Canada.

Rugby, 1921

Rugby XV team photo (not the 1st XV, probably a junior team, U16?).

Cadets, 1921

The signalling section.
No names indicated but back row, second from the right looks like Fred Cabeldu.

Duke of Devonshire, Apr. 29, 1921

President of University Military School - J.C. Barnacle is making his official welcome to the Governor General of Canada-the Duke of Devonshire.

Cadets, 1921

Ambulance Section.

Cadets, 1921?

Machine Gun Section.

Black and Red, June 1921, p14, "Mumps interfered with the holding of Machine Gun classes, but it is hoped that next year these will be possible."

Band, 1921

The band supervisor is probably George Scarratt

Cadets, Apr. 19 1921

Visit of the Governor General of Canada.

Cadets, 1921

Cadet Rifle group photo.

Cricket, 1921

1st XI Cricket team photo.

Black and Red, June 1921, p33

Cadets, Apr. 19 1921

Visit of Gov. General of Canada, The Duke of Devonshire. The Duke of Devonshire calls for three cheers for the King.

L. Col. C. Gooday, 1921

Portrait of L.Col. C. Gooday, Director of Military Studies

Gym VIII, 1921

Gym VIII team photo.

Cricket Team, 1921

Cricket Team

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