Through the Years...

Cricket Team, 1928

Cricket Team, Winners of Gillespie Trophy

Staff with Percy Williams, Fall 1938

School House Main Entrance Front Steps University School Staff with Percy Williams, Olympic gold Medallist 100 yds

Rugby, 1928/29

Rugby XV team photo

Cricket, 1928?

Cricket XI team photo

Prefects, 1928/29

Harvey House Boys, 1928/29

Boys posed on steps of Harvey House
Probably Junior Boarding House (Harvey House) under Housemaster Reg Wenman.

Cadets, 1928

Cadet officers.

Soccer, 1928

Senior Soccer team photo.

Soccer, 1928

Middle Soccer Team photo.

Soccer, 1928

Junior Soccer team photo.

Rugby, 1928

Rugby team photo.

Staff & Prefects, 1928

Group photo of staff and prefects.

Scouts, 1928

Scout troop photo

Cubs, 1928

Cub pack photo.

House Photo, 1928

Boarding House group photo.

Airplane, 1928

Maurice McGregor and Alexander Eaglerock soloed 1928.

Cricket, 1928/29

Incogs Cricket team photo.

Staff, 1928

University School Staff with Percy Williams (Olympic gold Medallist 100 yds) on the School House Front Steps.

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