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Boxing Team, 1949

Boxing Team See Black and Red 1949, p34 Bob Shipley Collection

1st XI Cricket, 1949

1st XI Cricket team photo

Scouts, 1949?

Scout Troop

School House, 1949

School House.

Bob Shipley Collection.

Prefects, 1949


Bob Shipley Collection.

Boxing, 1949

Boxing Team.

See Black and Red 1949, p34.

Bob Shipley Collection.

Cadet March Past, 1949

Cadets in front of Inspecting Officers and Harvey House, on School fields.

Bob Shipley Collection.

Cadet Band, 1949

Cadet Band on steps with drum and bugle.

Rugby, 1949/50

Rugby Colts Team.

Rugby, 1949/50

1st XV Rugby team.

Cadets, May 3 1949

Cadet inspection on school field.

Bagpipes, 1949?

Nigel Scott-Moncrief playing the bagpipes

Boxing, 1949

Boxing team photo.

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