Through the Years...

Cricket Team, 1967

Cricket Team, 1967

Cricket Team, 1967/68

Cricket Team

Swimming pool, 1967/68

Demolition of old swimming pool

Swimming pool, 1967

Inside the Swimming pool

Track and Field Team, 1967

Track and Field Team

1st XV Rugby, 1967

1st XV Rugby team photo

lst IX Cricket, 1967

lst IX Cricket team photo

Chapel Officials, 1967

Chapel Officials: Richard Barker (Warden); Michael Watkins (Verger); G Wilder (Sacristan); Andy Brinkley (Warden)

Whole School, 1967/68

Whole School Photo.

Track & Field, 1967

Track and Field team photo.

Grenfell Featherstone, 1967

1991 Summer Heritage, p8 - 1967 Grad photo of Grenfell Featherstone

Rugby, 1967

4th XV Rugby Team.

Cadets, 1967

Cadet Officers and Wo's

Rugby, 1967

3rd XV Rugby Team photo

Tennis, 1967?

Tennis Team photo.

Cadets, 1967

Cadet Annual Inspection
First Aid Display

Cadets, 1967

Cadet Annual Inspection
Cadet Officer addressing Inspecting Officer

Cadets, 1967

Cadet Annual Inspection
Corps at attention on field

Swimming Pool, 1967/68

Demolition of the Old Swimming Pool.

Gym Foundation, 1967

Old Dining Hall, Classrooms, Library, Laundry, Foundation of Gym, Swimming Pool
(New Old Gym)

Swimming Pool, 1967

Inside the Swimming pool.

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