Through the Years...

Chapel, 1972

3 Students in the Chapel, facing the altar.

Rugby, 1972

Junior Colts Rugby XV team photo.

Cubs, 1972

2nd Garry Oak Cub Pack.

Whole School, 1972

Whole School Photo. First Photo of Combined Schools, SMUS.

Sailing, 1972

See the Black, Red and Blue.

Sailing, 1972

The Hestons' Haida.

Sailing, 1972

Black, Red and Blue - 5 Yachts and 1 'Saboter' (John Speakman and Paul French)


2 Boys sailing.

Rugby, 1972

2nd XV Rugby team photo

Rugby, 1972

Senior Colts  Rugby XV team photo

Sailing, 1972

Sailing team photo.

Skiing, 1972

Ski team photo.

Cricket, 1972

Junior Cricket Team posed on lawn

Track and Field, 1972

Basketball, 1972

Basketball team photo.

Cricket, 1972

lst XI Cricket - group photo

Cricket, 1972

lst XI Cricket

Badminton, 1972

SMUS/Norfolk House Badminton team photo

Prefects, 1972

Track and Field, 1972

Senior Track team photo.

Rugby, 1972

1st XV Rugby team photo

Tennis, 1972

Tennis team photo.

Shooting, 1972

Shooting team photo

Teachers, 1972?

Five longstanding teachers retiring.

Chapel, 1971

R.H.B. Ker and Peter A. Caleb in the Chapel cloisters.

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