Through the Years...

John McIntyre

John McIntyre. US Student 1962-66 SMUS Faculty, 1973-2009

Diving Team, 1973

Diving Team, in diving suits Black, Red and Blue 1973 page 53

Chapel, 1973

Chapel altar decoration for Harvest Festival.

Rugby Tour Group, 1973

UK Rugby Tour, team photo.

Teacher Retirement Dinner, June 11 1973

Retirement Dinner presentation to five teachers

Track and Field, 1973

Intermediate track team photo

Track and Field, 1973

Senior Track team photo

Tennis, 1973

Tennis team photo

XX Club, 1973

Prefects, 1973

Cricket, 1973

1st XI Cricket team photo

Cricket, 1973

Junior Cricket team photo

Rugby, 1973

1st XV Rugby team photo.

Spectators, 1973?

Wetaskiwin Away?

W.J.H. Perry, 1973

W.J.H. Perry with R.C.M.P officer

Lt. Governor Visits, 1973

Headmaster & Mrs. Caleb, and Mr. & Mrs. Nation greet Lieut. Governor

Lt. Governor Visits, 1973

Lieut Governor meets the Staff.

School Campus, 1973

East elevation of School House with flag pole (Howard is up the flag pole), yearbook 1973

Apple Bobbing, 1973

Peter Gardiner, bobbing for apples.

Black, Red and Blue, p68

Sports, 1973

Black, Red and Blue 1973

Basketball, 1973

Basketball players sitting on the bench
Black, Red and Blue 1973, p49

Diving, 1973

Diving club. Black, Red and  Blue 1973 page 53

Basketball, 1973

Game in progress.  Black, Red and Blue p93.

Rugby, 1973

1st XV Rugby game vs. Brentwood.

Black, Red and Blue 1973, p37

Rugby, 1973

1st XV Rugby team photo.

Black, Red and Blue, p36

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