Through the Years...

Portrait photo, 1980s

Portrait photo of two male subjects.

Rifle competition winners, 1980s

Rifle competition winners in rifle range


Group singing

Gareth Rees, 1980-85

Gareth Rees, SMUS 1980-85


Kyrle Symons distributing ice cream to students.

Choir, 1980s

Group of girls singing.

Chapel, Dec. 1980

Lesson Readers at annual Chapel Service.

Head Girl - Laurel Neil
Head Boy - Robin Baird
Chapel Warden - Alastair Handley

Whole School, 1963/64

Whole School photo.

Relaxing, pre 1986

Relaxing in dorm room.

Science Lab, 1989/90

Peter Hamilton doing a Science Lab.

Rugby, 1989/90

Rugby game on the School field.

Prize Day, 1980s

Graduation/Prize day. Mr. Penaluna speaking in the UVic Auditorium.

Prize Day, 1980s?

Graduation/Prize Day at UVic

SMUS Faculty, 1980s

Art Projects, 1980

Students displaying their art projects.

Art Projects, 1980

Students with their art projects.

"The Black Box," 1980

Grade 10 Drama.

"The Black Box," 1980

Grade 10 Drama.

C.T. Johnson, 1963

John Schaffter, 1980s

John Schaffter with students and family.

John Schaffter, 1980s

John Schaffter with 2 students

Science Class, 1980s

Mr. Jones with students.

Orchestra, 1980s

Grade 4 orchestra, violin player.

Student, 1980s

Student doing gymnastics.

Track and Field, 1980s

Long Jump
Mike Lambe, grade 12

Basketball, 1980s

2 boys playing basketball

Cross Country, 1980s

Cross Country team photo.

Badminton, 1980s

Badminton Team photo

Tennis, 1980s

Tennis Team photo.

Math Awards, 1980?

Math Awards. K. Smith, teacher.

Math Awards, 1980?

Canadian Math Competition Awards. B Greenwell, teacher

Math, 1980?

Math group with Mr. B. Greenwell, teacher.

Math Awards, 1980?

The Canadian Mathematics Competition.

Math Awards, 1980?

B. Greenwell and I. Stewart presenting Math awards to students.

Speaker, 1980?

Student Speaker, with teachers in the background.

Leslie Hope, 1980s

Portrait of Leslie Hope

Group Photo, 1980?

Lord Strathcona, Sept. 2 1909

Lord Strathcona's visit to University School.

The three founders and School Sgt.(Adye?)
Black and Red, Nov 1909, p5, report Lord Strathcona was accompanied by C.C. Chipman of Winnipeg and H.D. Helmken of Victoria. There were others in the official party.

John Schaffter, 1980?

Mr. John Schaffter, Headmaster 1972-88

Timothy Williams, 1980/81

Timothy Williams in grade 10.

Students, 1922

Boys in front of house.

Architectural Model, 1980s

SMUS Architectural Model.

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