Through the Years...

Calgary Group, 1989

Calgary Group, February 12, 1989

Wenman Pavilion Opening Ceremony, 1989

Wenman Building Opening Ceremony. View looking down on building, driveway, and people.

Award, 1989/90

Peter Howard receiving an award as David Penaluna stands by.

Borna Noureddin, 1989/90

Student with book in Library.

Badminton, 1989/90

Doubles badminton game in progress.

Promotional photo, 1989/90

"Strengthening Our Ties
The $4 Million Capital Campaign for St. Michaels University School
'Educational relations make the strongest tie…' Cecil Rhodes"

Students, 1989/90

3 students.

Erica Sangster, 1989/90

Student in Class.

Rugby, 1989/90

Rugby game in action.

Tennis, 1989/90

Tennis match. Serving: Julie McLoy, Receiving: Sacha Edgell

Scholarship Winners, 1989/90

Mr. Penaluna with Canada Scholarship Winners (UVic)

Richard Pickard, 1989/90

Student sitting on hurdles in gym uniform.

Group Photo, 1989/90

On the School steps.

Students, 1989/90

Doug Freeman and Doug Mackenzie

In the Quad, 1989/90

Merell Harlow, Harvey House Parent, with 3 students.

Mexico, 1989/90

School Trip to Mexico.

Studying, 1989/90

Outside study group.

Vining Wolf

Student with computer.

Relay Race, 1989/90

Track and Field, Relay race, passing the baton.

James Lockwood, 1989/90

Art class.

Students, 1989/90

Students talking.

Track & Field, 1989/90

Track and Field race.

Class, 1989/90

Peter Tongue with class on the field.

Peter Hamilton, 1989/90

Physics Lab.

Squash, 1989/90

Squash action.

Class, 1989/90

Tony Keble teaching a class.

Playing Games, 1989/90

Playing board games ('The Game of Life').

Basketball, 1989/90

Basketball game in action.

Orchestra, 1989/90

Ice Skating, 1989/90

Promotional photo, 1989/90

"Additional Needs
Chapel Preservation
Recreation and Sports Facilities
-Maintaining top quality equipment and facilities
-Playing fields
Scholarship and Bursary Fund
-Student Scholarships
-Faculty/Staff Enrichment"

Curling, 1989/90

Curling action.

Tennis, 1989/90

Student, 1989-90

Student with chess board.

Costume Day, 1989/90

Costume Day, 1989/90

Costume Day, 1989/90

Student, 1989/90

Student with badminton racket.

Swimming Pool, 1989/90

View of the Swimming pool looking out over the diving board.

Ski Trip, 1989/90

Junior School, Apr. 26 1989

Minister of Education visits the Junior School

Tony Hunt, 1989

Tony Hunt standing on the front steps of School House.

Prize Day, 1989/90

Middle School Prize Day

David Weeden, 1989/90

Middle School student, David Weeden.

Science Class, 1989/90

2 unknown Middle School girls in Science class.

Squash, 1989/90

2 Middle School boys playing squash.

Squash, 1989/90

2 Middle School boys playing squash.

Squash, 1989/90

2 Middle School boys playing squash.

Barker Library, 1989

Entrance to the Barker Library.

Tim Tottenham, 1989

Tim Tottenham, Director of the Junior School.

Wenman Pavilion, 1989

Wenman Building Opening Ceremonies.

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