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Senior Basketball Team, April 3rd 1991

Senior Basketball Team

Wooden Bench, 1991

Wooden bench on edge of field Photo in 1991 Alumni Directory

Rugby, 1991

BCSSRU Rugby Championships 1st AA

Basketball Team, 1991/92

Blue Devils, Basketball Team, BC "AAA" Champions

Grenfell Featherstone, 1991

Student at University  School 1961-67, later a teacher at SMUS.

Staff, 1991

Malcolm MacLeod, Comptroller and Marlene Ricard, Bursar
1991 Summer Heritage, p26

Kixi Creek, 1991

Summer Heritage, 1991, p25
Kixi Creek, wife of Carey Creek. Kixi (Ferguson) Creek was School Nurse 1961-63. At this time she was working PT at the Sewing Machine. Kixi is a fine seamstress too!

Vollmerhouse Brothers, 1991

1991 Summer Heritage, p23

Kurt Vollmerhause, Grad 1987; Lach Vollmerhause, SMUS 1984-87

Douglas Williams, 1991

Summer Heritage 1991, p22 - Douglas Williams, SMUS Deputy Headmaster 1972-75, & 1978-86, then worked on as French Tutor until his death in 1996.

Wedding, 1991

Summer Heritage, p21 - Marriage photo of Jenny Norman, head girl 1982, and her husband Tom Fitzpatrick, with Anne and John Schaffter

Molly Penaluna

1991 Summer Heritage, p19 - Molly Penaluna, wife of Headmaster David Penaluna. Caption "Mrs Molly Penaluna, seen keeping and eye on the student Tuck Shop."

Brian Faulkaer and Chad Bevan, 1991

Brian Faulkaer, Director of Student Affairs and Chad Bevan, Grad 1991

Rob Wilson, 1991

1991 Summer Heritage, p16
Short bio in caption:
1958-65 US, 1965-72 St. Andrew's College, 1972-74 UK, 1974-... SMUS

Louise Winter, 1991

1991 Summer Heritage, p14
Caption "Mrs. Louise Winter, the Headmaster's Secretary, noted for her cheerfulness and efficiency is in her twelfth year at SMUS."

Marianne Anderson, 1991

Summer Heritage, p13 - Marianne Anderson, SMUS 1978-80 writes an update of her career. *Photo in Heritage is head and shoulder only

Marilyn Levitt, 1991

1991 Summer Heritage, p10 - Article on Marilyn Levitt under heading 'Monarch of Middle School'

John Emmel, 1991

1991 Summer Heritage, p9 - John Emmel, US 1961-64, left after grade 10. Nice article on John whose career became twofold 1)Captain of a salvage ship 2)Artist - maritime watercolours

John Emmel's 1986 watercolour

1991 Summer Heritage, p9 - Photo of John Emmel's 1986 watercolour "Prudhoe Bay Resupply" depicts an operation in which he took part, aboard and ice breaker

Erica Kjekstad

Erica Kjekstad, Grad 1992

Chris and Gordon Denford

1991 Summer Heritage, p8 - Chris Denford, Grad 82 and his father Gordon in front of Berwick House, Shelbourne St. A facility built by their company.

Gr. 11/12 math students, 1991

1991 Summer Heritage, p6 - SMUS Gr. 11/12 math students, chosen to compete in the Canadian Maths Olympiad.

Students with Headmaster, 1991

1991 Summer Heritage - Sonja Michaud, Jennifer Maher and Headmaster Mr. David Penaluna with the 'Atlas of the World' which was given to the school by Mr. Peter Porter(friend of SMUS)

Basketball, 1991

Basketball, 19911991 Summer Heritage, p5 - Senior Boys Basketball AAA Island Champions.

Math Class, 1991

1991 Summer Heritage, p5 - Advanced Math class with Dr. David Leeming of the Uvic Math Department

International House, 1991

1991 Yearbook, p233 - International House. Prefects: Charlie Von Maldeghem; Andrew Yee; Pervez Siddique; Atul Khullar; Mark Popsilik; Leo Caffaro

'ATCO' House, 1991

1991 Yearbook, p232 - 'ATCO' House. Boarders of Senior Grade spent the year in temporary accommodation after New House was torched in August 1990

Harvey House, 1991

Rugby, May 1991

Howard Russell Cup - Oak Bay 10 vs SMUS 24.

Photo taken by Times Colonist Photographer.  In Times Colonist May 18, 1991

Rugby, May 1991

Howard Russell Cup - Oak Bay 10 vs SMUS 24.

Photo taken by Times Colonist Photographer.  In Times Colonist May 18, 1991

"The Pirates of Penzance," 1991/92

Rugby, 1991/92

1st XV Rugby Team photo.

Chapel, 1991

Cloisters leading to the Chapel.
Photo In the Alumni Directory 1994

School House, 1991

Front of School House, covered in ivy.
Photo in Alumni Directory 1994.

Rugby, 1991

Championship Rugby team photo.

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