Senior School Activities, Councils and Clubs (N-Z)

Students thrive when they are engaged in meaningful and exciting activities and feel connected to the community. At SMUS, in addition to the strong Academic, Arts, Service and Athletic opportunities, we offer an array of additional experiences that help students grow, develop passions, collaborate with others and get out into the wider community. Each activity will challenge students in a variety of ways, helping them to gain valuable skills and understandings, practice personal and social responsibility, and develop the practices of effective leadership.

It is important to get involved and it is equally important to maintain a balance. So choose wisely! Get involved in those areas that will be fun, develop your strengths or push you in just the right way out of your comfort zone.

To find out more about each of the activities, get in touch with the listed advisor(s). Senior School Activities, Councils and Clubs beginning with the letters A-M are on the Activities (A-M) page.

Senior School Activities, Councils and Clubs 2018-19 (N-Z)

Club/Activity Description and Advisor
Outdoor and Sustainability Council

To get people outside and to promote a greater connection to natural spaces through activities, adventures and service. Activities may include the following: ski or snowboard trips, white-water kayaking days, stand-up paddling sessions, sea kayaking trips, beach clean-ups, trail-building days and other outdoor adventures. In addition, this council works to improve and educate our community and its sustainability plan.

Contact: Mr. McLeod, Mr. Henderson, Mr. Pope and Mr. McCloskey

Outdoor Education Trip

To provide students an opportunity to experience the outdoors on Vancouver Island. Activities include hiking and sea kayak trips, surfing trips, white-water kayaking day trips, and recreational skiing trips.

Contact: Mr. McLeod and Mr. McCloskey

Outdoor Leadership

This is a for-credit course designed to prepare students to lead fellow students in outdoor activities.

Contact: Mr. McLeod, Mr. Pope and Mr. McCloskey

Peer ELL Support

To support new ELL students to thrive in a new school, culture, city and language.

Contact: Mrs. Hart and Mrs. McMillan

Peer Note Takers

To provide specific students with a duplicated copy of class notes to support them in their studies.

Contact: Learning Resource teachers

PeerS (Peer Support) Coaching Program

Students who become a PeerS Coach will be able to support students experiencing personal, academic or social challenges. The training program will introduce PeerS Coaches to the theory, skills and functions of the coaching profession. It will equip them to better understand themselves and others and provides preparation for peer counselling roles at university. When we play sports, we work with a coach to both improve our skills and to learn new skills. The goal is to be the best player we can be. Similarly, when one wants to develop new skills for dealing with life challenges, students can work with a PeerS Coach. Coaching assumes the best, working with other people’s potential and capabilities. Through these coaching conversations, the student establishes clear goals and effective strategies to meet those goals, with the support of the PeerS Coach.

Contact: TBA

Peer Tutors

Peer tutoring provides an opportunity for students to assist fellow SMUS students in a variety of academic areas. Tutors may work at the Senior, Middle or Junior School campus.

Contact: Learning Resource teachers

Photo Club

We will take lots of cool pictures because that is what we, as photographers, like to do. We will practice and improve our photography skills, learning from each other. We will exhibit our photographs in the community and beyond. We will use our photographs to raise awareness of and funds for causes of our choice.

Contact: Mr. Chris Bateman

Politics and International Relations Club

This club has several interconnected goals which aim to create student awareness about the state of affairs in the modern world, relationships between great world powers, and the political events affecting our generation. We hope to follow, discuss, and write about major issues such as the Syrian Refugee Crisis, Brexit, conflict in the middle east, ISIS threats to the West, the American election, and other news stories. We will look at the response of governments (e.g. Canada, Russia, the USA, the UK, China, Germany, etc.) to these issues and assess possible solutions to global obstacles/answers to major questions of the 21st century.

Contact: Mrs. Beare

Prefect Assembly

The school prefects are responsible for fostering school spirit and setting the tone of the school through their actions. The role of a school prefect is to act as a liaison between the faculty and the student body and to serve the school in a leadership capacity with the expectation to participate in school events and act as role models. Along with being positive citizens of the school, to qualify for application for a school prefect position students should have demonstrated a significant contribution to the school. Students are elected during the third term of Grade 11 by Senior School students and teachers. Each individual commits to their role as a team player and as leaders by participating in the Prefect Retreat in June of their Grade 11 year where they do team-building exercises and learn about their individual and collective leadership styles.

Contact: Mr. Rodford, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Driscoll, Mr. Primrose and Ms. McCallum

Pride Alliance

We are a student-led group providing education and resources to promote awareness and acceptance of gender diversity. We take action to reduce discrimination and create an inclusive and safe environment in our community.

Contact: Mr. Lynch

Psychology Club

This is a student-run club. Facilitators plan content for meetings that often align with relevant holidays or connect to issues concerning the student body at certain points in the year. There is opportunity for student engagement with the content as students may act as participants in mini experiments or may be asked to analyze how they would respond in various situations. The discussions draw on student experience and no previous experience in the field of psychology is necessary.

Contact: TBA

Quebec Exchange

The aim of the Quebec Exchange Program is to provide students with opportunities to:

  • Enhance academic learning and improve French language skills;
  • Experience French-Canadian culture and deepen learning about Canada’s early history;
  • Develop self esteem and independence;
  • Develop skills such as decision-making and adapting to new situations;
  • Enhance leadership skills;
  • Challenge existing ways of thinking;
  • Experience exciting and unique learning experiences; and
  • Develop friendships.

Contact: Ms. Wilson

Radio Club

This is an opportunity to be involved in a student-run radio station. Students take on tasks such as show prep (script writing, finding content, choosing music), advertising (posters, a video, maintaining the YouTube channel) and involving other clubs and councils in building content (interviews, announcements, original writing and music). Students gain new skills related to radio and media, and build upon ones they already possess, including organization and public speaking skills. Students also help promote and embrace diversity in the school, and help create connections between students and clubs. The SMUS radio station broadcasts daily.

Contact: TBA

Reach For The Top

Play Reach for the Top practice quiz show games to prepare for the Senior (Grades 11-12) provincial tournament in April. The SMUS team has made it to the provincial finals every year since it started in 2005.

Contact: Mrs. Amirault

Robotics Club

The SMUS Senior Robotics Club will be open to students in Grades 9-12. We will be participating in the First Tech Challenge program where teams are challenged to design, build, program and operate robots to play a floor game in an alliance format. Students develop STEM skills and practice engineering principles. The robotics team will have the opportunity to compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge robotics competition.

Contact: Mrs. Hann, Mr. Steed and Mrs. Amirault

Service Council

The Service Council organizes a number of activities and events throughout the year most of which are fundraising events for various local charities and/or world relief organizations. We support groups such as Cops for Cancer, World Vision, Zambia Mission Fund, United Way, The Mustard Seed, Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and many others. Much of the fundraising is accomplished through our Service Days (approximately six per year) where students donate money for the privilege of wearing casual (non-uniform) dress to school. Special events organized by the council are the Halloween costume parade, the Valentine Matchmaker fundraiser, Grassroots Soccer and various Spirit Day activities. We have also been involved in volunteering opportunities at Youth Empowerment Society and various other local charities.

Contact: Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Catto and Mr. Cook

Service Initiatives

To support individual students or small groups who would like to initiate a service opportunity. The possibilities are endless and may present themselves based on current events or different matters of the heart. The goal of the service program is to foster a culture of lifelong service, through the development of leadership skills and character traits, which prepares students to serve their communities and the world.

Please set up a meeting with the Director of Community Engagement and Global Expeditions to discuss the proposal. Students will be asked to fill out a proposal and should understand that the Director of Service will look at each proposal to see how it fits with the service program and philosophy.

Visit the SMUSpaper at to see some of the opportunities that students take part in, new opportunities and a list of the organizations that SMUS supports. This may give students some inspiration about what they would like to do and which organization they would like to help.

Contact: Mr. Cook

Service Leadership

To provide an opportunity for students to take action serving the needs of our local community. This is a personal growth and leadership opportunity for Grade 11 and 12 students who want to deepen their understanding of local needs, serve directly and lead younger students in the same experience.

Contact: Mr. Cook

Set Design Club

Set Design Club will begin with looking at the annual Senior School Musical as a conceptual design project, applying the Elements & Principles of design to the theatrical set design and construction process. Working alongside the director, cast, crew and set designer for the musical, we will design, build and paint the sets before they head to McPherson Playhouse in mid-February. In the third term, we help with smaller productions put on by drama classes, conceptualizing, building and installing sets right in the drama room. This is both a conceptual and hand-on experience. See your ideas come to life. This is a good club for those who are interested in creative, hands-on careers or education pathways: architecture, structural engineering, design work, trade work, etc.

Contact: Mrs. Gardiner

SMUS Collegium Musicum

To provide music students with an opportunity to sing music in harmony in a small ensemble. The group will perform throughout the year.

Contact: Mr. Butterfield

SMUS Talks (Planning Committee)

The SMUS Talks Club aims to provide those who are passionate about TED-style talks to take part in one. Students could get involved either as a presenter, an event organizer or a technician. It is a good opportunity for participants to improve many skills, such as public speaking skills, organizational skills, time management skills and communication skills.

Contact: Mr. Geddes

Spoken Word Club

Students will meet for writing workshops and to do improv activities and spoken word performances. Major events we will prepare for during the year will include Victorious Voices (Victoria Spoken Word competition) and Hullabaloo (Vancouver Spoken Word competition).

Contact: Mrs. MacDonald

Swing Band

This extra-curricular ensemble is open to students in Grades 9-12 who enjoy playing music from the big band era, swing, ballads, light rock and jazz. Approximately three performance opportunities take place during the year.

Contact: Mr. Farish

T.G.I.F. (Teens Growing in Faith)

To offer an opportunity for those of the Christian faith or anyone interested in matters of faith to meet on a weekly basis to discuss relevant issues, work on community-building and initiate various activities (chapel presentations, movie nights, etc.). The format is relaxed and social; students are encouraged to lead the sessions and provide ideas for discussion. We also try to provide service to our school. Previously, we gave out chocolate valentines and also organized a movie night in the Lecture Theatre. We’re hoping to build on those events and expand our activities.

Contact: Mrs. Hawes

Victoria Foundation

The Victoria Foundation Youth In Philanthropy group works to support the foundation’s motto of “connecting people who care with causes that matter.” Funds ($2,500) are given to the group to distribute to local charities. The group explores their own values and priorities in order to align them with the needs of Victoria.

Contact: Mr. Cook

Volunteer Club

The Volunteer Club aims to provide service opportunities for students, with a goal of joining the school and the local community together. Seeking a balance between environmental and humanitarian services, we co-operate with teachers, school clubs, councils and local organizations.

Contact: Ms. Parker

Wellness Club

To provide a forum for increasing Health and Wellness among the Senior School students. This club is student centred and offers a forum for increasing awareness of the healthy mind platter and its role in our personal health and wellness. Various activities and initiatives will be undertaken to focus on the aspects that lead to health and wellness. Easing the stress of daily life and offering alternatives to create life balance such as mindfulness is a large component of this council.

Contact: Ms. Cecill, Ms. Erwin and Mr. Primrose

Yearbook Club

To work together to create a piece of the school’s history. This club designs the school yearbook and devel-ops skills related to photography, writing, computer graphics and layout using InDesign.

Contact: Ms. Cecill and Mrs. Bateman

See the Activities (A-M) page for Senior School Activities, Councils and Clubs beginning with the letters A-M.