Uniform Requirements: Grades 9-12

Number One

Worn Tops Pants/Skirt Socks/tights Shoes
Fridays, on school outings, and on special occasions White crested SMUS dress shirt
Navy blazer with school crest
School tie
Optional: Navy school sweater or navy sleeveless school vest
Boys: Medium grey, solid dress trousers
Girls: School tartan kilt (no more than 2" above the knee) or medium grey, solid dress trousers
Boys: grey dress socks
Girls: navy knee socks or navy tights (no patterned tights or nylon knee highs)
Plain, black polished dress shoes (non-marking
soles) with matching
laces, 2" heel maximum. No sandals, slides or backless shoes.

Number Two

Worn Tops Pants/Skirt Socks/tights Shoes
As everyday wear, same
as Number One dress with
these options

Navy school sweater or cardigan, navy sleeveless vest or navy school fleece.
White or pale blue crested SMUS dress shirt.

Girls: grey skirt no more than 2" above the knee (Grade 12 only)    

Summer Uniform

Worn Tops Pants/Skirt Socks/tights Shoes
A summer uniform may be allowed in early fall and late spring, at the discretion of the Director.

White SMUS crested polo shirt
Students may remove ties

Same as winter uniform Same as winter uniform Same as winter uniform

Sports Uniform

Worn Tops Pants/Skirt Socks/tights Shoes

A high standard of
dress for PE classes and
extracurricular pursuits is important. Please be

All items are available from the Campus Shop and may be charged to your account.

School teams: Students
playing on school teams
must have a SMUS
Athletics track suit.

For PE Classes (there will be no exceptions to the items below)
SMUS t-shirt (short or long sleeves)
Royal blue hooded top or crewneck top
SMUS house t-shirt
SMUS Athletics shorts (black or grey)
SMUS rugby shorts
Black pants
White socks  Running shoes, rugby or soccer boots (optional)
or SMUS Athletics track suit
For Team/Recreational Pursuits (in addition to the items above)
Rugby Blue rugby jersey Black SMUS rugby shorts Black and red rugby socks
Field Hockey     Red hockey socks
Cycling Helmets (mandatory) Cycling shorts (permitted)  
Soccer   Black SMUS Athletics shorts  
Volleyball   Black spandex shorts  
Basketball SMUS reversible shirt Black SMUS Athletics shorts  
Dance Dance leotards (permitted)    
Squash Protective eyewear (mandatory) Clean, non-marking shoes only
All other sports as for PE classes unless otherwise directed.
a) music players (i.e., iPods) may not be worn during sports or PE classes d) mouth guards are recommended for all sports
b) jewelry must not be worn while playing sports or during PE classes e) it is the student’s responsibility to be properly dressed for PE and athletics
c) hats, bandanas, headbands and kerchiefs may not be worn during sports or PE classes f) no personal t-shirts, tank tops, gym shorts, rugby jerseys, etc. will be accepted


  • Shirts must be kept tucked in at all times, except in the case of girls’ form-fitted shirts from the Campus Shop.
  • No unnatural colours or unusual hairstyles are permitted.
  • Boys: Hair must be tidy and cut clear off the collar. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings, nor are they permitted to exhibit facial hair.
  • Girls: Make-up worn to school should be tastefully applied. Earrings should be no larger than a two-dollar coin.
  • Outdoor Jackets: If required outside and while moving between buildings, a solid-coloured navy blue or black jacket or SMUS top may be worn over the sweater or blazer. Outdoor jackets are to be removed once inside buildings. SMUS hooded tops or SMUS athletic track tops are worn outside only.
  • The school cannot be responsible for lost items, and recommends that all uniform items be labeled.