Parents' Auxiliary Contact

The Parents' Auxiliary can be reached at [email protected]. Below is a list of the Parents' Auxiliary representatives who work on different initiatives. If you have any questions, please contact your grade representative.

Representative's names will be filled in as they are confirmed throughout the year. 

Executive Officers 2019-20

President Grainne McElroy
1st Vice President Nan Mathavan
2nd Vice President Jenn Trottier
Treasurer Kevin Cuddihy
Secretary Elisa Djurickovic

School Liaisons

Junior School Jenn Trottier
Middle School Clare Vincent
Senior School Elisa Djurickovic
Boarding Yuka Sugar

Grade Representatives

Junior School
Kindergarten Deb Lee and Jade Stevenson
Grade 1 Justine Gill
Grade 2 Anna Arneja and Dixie Klaibert
Grade 3 Karen Power MacKay and Olivia Dam
Grade 4 Sandra Nacey
Grade 5 Lesia Ilnytzky and Jenn Trottier
Middle School
Grade 6 Cindy Brown
Grade 7 Kevin Cuddihy
Grade 8 Karen Power Mackay

Committee Heads

Junior School Pizza Christa Dickinson and Amber Binab
Middle School Pizza Clare Vincent and Annie Cooper Mills
Senior School Pizza Brenda Bains and Cindy Henry
Cake Service Brenda Bains
Used Uniform Anna Mason and Darla Tzonev
Governance Teresa Pryce

Event Coordinators

Boarders Without Borders Aya Robinson
Junior School SMUSic Night Jenn Trottier and Lesia Ilnytzky
Quiz Night Erica Kjekstad (Quizmaster), Jenn Trottier and Kevin Cuddihy
SMUS PA Family Gala Nan Mathavan
Staff Appreciation Luncheon (Junior) Jenn Trottier
Staff Appreciation Luncheon (Middle and Senior) Karen Power MacKay and Shamini Ramanujan
Halloween Nan Mathavan and Grainne McElroy

Social Media

Instagram and Facebook Christine Ellsay