Quiz Night

Parents, grandparents, teachers and administrative staff love the Parents’ Auxiliary Quiz Nights. Quiz nights offer participants a chance to compete against other teams in a variety of trivia categories, from politics to food to music. In tables of eight, teams work collaboratively to answer questions as best they can and at the end of the night one team is crowned the trivia champions.

Coffee Mornings

Just as students may be nervous joining a new school, parents can be apprehensive about joining a new school community. The Parents' Auxiliary coffee mornings offer new parents a chance to meet returning parents and learn more about our school and the community that supports it.

Winter Gala

More than 700 members of the SMUS community – students, parents, teachers and alumni – gather together every year for the Parents' Auxiliary Winter Gala. This event features an amazing buffet dinner, a dance with a live DJ, a cash bar and a silent auction. Students of all ages enjoy the dessert bar and hitting the dance floor.

Staff Appreciation

Parents can show their appreciation for the teachers and staff of SMUS by participating in a potluck luncheon near the end of each school year. Volunteers are needed to cook, coordinate, decorate and serve at the Junior, Middle and Senior School events.