Holiday Extensions and Planned Absences

To get the maximum benefit from their time at our school, our students need to avoid missing academic time. Our school year has ample vacation time built-in each year and we encourage parents to adhere to the school calendar whenever possible. If additional time off is required, students and parents should alert the school in advance.

Junior School

Should parents require additional vacation days, a request should be put in writing to the Director of the Junior School, well in advance.

Middle School

Parents of students who will be missing class time should contact the school to let them know in advance, whenever possible. 

Completing Work When Away

When there is a planned absence due to family holiday or commitment to an outside sports team, parents often request that
we provide work for the student to do while absent.  While we will do our best to support a request in advance of the absence, please understand that teachers cannot usually provide individual take-away packages of work that will replace missed time in school.

Student initiative and support at home are important for continued success after returning from an extended absence. Students are  expected to collect missed notes from trusted classmates and will need to see teachers about missed assignments. Likewise, students are responsible for initiating contact with teachers when they miss school due to illness or appointments. Due dates can be negotiated depending on the length of the absence, but work must still be completed.

Senior School

Vacations/holiday extensions, non-school organized trips and other absences:

  • All students, day or boarding, who will be missing any school time for vacations, non-school organized trips or other reasons must get permission from the school before they are absent.
  • Parents must send a letter or email to the school requesting permission for their child to miss school and the reason. Students may not leave early unless this procedure has been completed. We should receive this request at least one week before the planned absence.
  • At the same time, the student must fill out a “Request for Permission to Miss Academic Time” form (the “green sheet”) and speak with all of his or her teachers for any classes that will be missed. Once the form is complete, it should be returned to Katherine Cathrea in the Data Centre for the Director’s approval.
  • Please note that holiday extensions absences are considered as unexcused absences by the Ministry of Education and will be recorded as such on your school report.