Senior School Late Work Policy

An essential part of preparing for higher learning and for life is acquiring the necessary organizational skills and behaviours that are associated with the ability to hand work in on time. Our teachers work with students to ensure an appropriate amount of time is made available to complete assignments. It is the responsibility of every student to ensure that they complete assignments in a timely fashion.

Handing work in on time allows the rest of the class to move on to the next stage of the curriculum and allows the teacher the opportunity to provide timely feedback to the entire class.

Basic Guidelines

  • Due dates in all courses are equally valid. The course work in an AP subject, for example, does not take priority over a regular course.
  • In the absence of sufficient evidence of the attainment of learning outcomes due to a number of missed assessments, a grade of “I” (incomplete) will be reported until sufficient evidence is made available by the student.
  • Our late work policy applies to major pieces of work, not to such items as homework assignments.

Students who take a proactive approach to addressing potential academic conflicts before missing deadlines and who demonstrate a cooperative attitude should receive some leniency. See page 18 of the Parents' Handbook for a detailed outline of the school’s policy for late work.