Athletic Therapy Services

Allison Rodway
Certified Athletic Therapist

Allison completed her bachelor’s degree in athletics and exercise therapy at Camosun College; she is a certified Athletic Therapist and Exercise Physiologist. She is currently working on her master’s degree in kinesiology, where she is investigating physiological changes that occur in post sport related concussion; specifically heart rate variability changes.

Clinical Services at SMUS

Services are located in the athletic therapy clinic office next to the SMUS fitness centre. Assessment and treatment of sports injuries are provided by a certified athletic therapist by appointment only.

This service is available to all SMUS athletes and staff.


  • 30-minute athletic therapy visit – $60
  • 45-minute athletic therapy visit – $80
  • 60-minute athletic therapy visit – $100

All treatments require consent prior to the first appointment. Fees will be billed to the staff or student account and receipts for extended health reimbursement will be provided by the school upon payment or upon request by Ozmosis Wellness Inc.

Please note that you will need to check your insurance policy to ensure you have extended health coverage for a certified athletic therapist.


Athletic therapy is provided by appointment only.

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More Information

For more information on athletic therapy or Ozmosis Wellness Inc., please visit the Ozmosis Wellness Inc. Website.

On-field Services at SMUS

SMUS provides free on-field medical coverage for Senior School athletes.

The provision of on-field immediate care of athletic injuries by a certified athletic therapist includes: injury assessment, basic emergency life support, recognition and management of acute traumatic neurological dysfunction, provision of first aid, preparation for entrance into appropriate healthcare delivery systems or, where appropriate, utilization of techniques facilitating a safe return to participation.

Home field Senior School rugby game coverage is provided by SMUS's Head Athletic Therapist and Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy (BAET) degree placement students from Camosun College. All practice and away game coverage is provided by the Camosun students when available, under the direction of the Head Athletic Therapist.

Find out more information on the BAET program.


We use the most current standards of concussion evaluation to assist in the diagnosis and return to learn/return to play protocols. Directed by the Head Athletic Therapist all athletes participating in a contact sport are provided with a baseline concussion test. Return to learn and return to play recommendations are governed by the Head Athletic Therapist in conjunction with the onsite physician or other physicians in the community. Return to learn strategies are implemented using a multidisciplinary approach under the direction of the Concussion Advisory Team, per the SMUS concussion policy.

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Concussion Team

  • Dr. Gordon - Physician
  • Dr. Tresoor - Physician
  • Dr. Singh - Physician (currently on maternity leave)
  • Health Centre nursing staff
  • Kim Oslund MSc, DipSIM, CAT(C) - Head Athletic Therapist (currently on maternity leave)
  • Allison Rodway MSc - Certified Athletic Therapist
  • BAET Students - 2nd & 3rd year placement students under the direction of Head Athletic Therapist
  • Kirsten Davel - Assistant Director of Academics
  • Learning Resources Department

More Information on Concussions