Boarding Services

Residential staffSMUS boarding students live with a caring and enthusiastic team of residential staff. We select our boarding staff carefully, which shows in their commitment to our students’ personal, social, and academic development.

Contacting Boarding Staff

The following is a directory of staff listed alphabetically by last name. Click on a staff member's name to get their email address.

If you need to speak with a boarding staff member during the day, call Sally Green in Boarding Services at 250-370-6157 or call the main switchboard at 250-592-2411.

After school and in the evenings, you can call the boarding house offices:

House Phone Number Fax Number
Barnacle/Winslow House Office 250-370-6184 250-370-6144
Bolton/Timmis House Office 250-370-6185 250-370-6145
Harvey/Symons House Office 250-370-6186 250-370-6146

For after-hours phone numbers for house parents, see the "Contact Staff" section in the Boarders' Handbook.

Staff Directory

Steve Bates Teacher, Senior School Mathematics,
Junior Houseparent, Harvey House
Ian Bendfeld Assistant Houseparent, Harvey House
Melanie Bendfeld Teacher, Senior School PE,
Boarding Activities Coordinator
Megan Blackey Teacher, Middle School Humanities and PE,
Fifth Houseparent, Symons House
Lindsay Brooke Director of Athletics,
Senior Houseparent, Barnacle House
Peter Butterfield Teacher, Senior School Choral Music,
5th Houseparent, Bolton House
Kate Carlson Assistant Houseparent, Symons House,
Teacher, Senior School PE
Deanna Catto Teacher, Senior School Mathematics,
Senior Assistant Houseparent, Symons House
Mark Catto Senior Assistant Houseparent, Symons House
Lynne Cordy Boarding Services Coordinator
Aimee Daly Teacher, Senior School Social Studies,
Senior Assistant Houseparent, Barnacle House
Reagan Daly Head of Experiential Education,
Senior Assistant Houseparent, Barnacle House
Mike Danskin Teacher, Humanities and PE,
Assistant Houseparent, Bolton House
Amanda Daum Senior Houseparent, Bolton House
Clayton Daum Teacher, Senior School Modern Languages,
Senior Houseparent, Bolton House
Jake de Goede Junior Houseparent, Barnacle House
Brady Doland Teacher, Senior School PE,
Senior Assistant Houseparent, Winslow House
Riley Doland Teacher, Middle School Mathematics, Science, Communication Skills,
Learning Resources Support, Middle School,
Senior Assistant Houseparent, Winslow House
Eric Donatelli Teacher, Senior School Physics,
Assistant Houseparent, Barnacle House
Sarah Donatelli Teacher, Middle School Science and Math,
Assistant Houseparent, Winslow House
Keith Driscoll Director of Boarding and Student Life
Gaby Emmet Grade 8 Houseparent
Evan Fryer Teacher, Senior School Mathematics,
Senior Assistant Houseparent, Bolton House
Elisha Gardiner Teacher, Senior School Ceramics and Sculpture,
Assistant Houseparent, Timmis House
Matt Gardiner Counsellor, Senior School,
Assistant Houseparent, Harvey House
Mathew Geddes '93 Head of Mathematics,
Senior Houseparent, Barnacle House,
Faculty Representative, SMUS Society Board of Governors,
Current SMUS Parent
Jessica Hanna Assistant Houseparent, Timmis House
Leanne Hart Head of ELL,
Teacher, Senior School ELL,
Fifth Houseparent, Timmis House
David Heffernan Assistant Houseparent, Barnacle House,
Alumnus, Class of 2006
Angus Henderson Teacher, Senior School Geography,
Fifth Houseparent, Barnacle House
Theresa Hogg-Jackson Senior Houseparent, Winslow House,
Boarding Counsellor
Jean Hollingworth Senior Assistant Houseparent, Harvey House,
Alumnus, Class of 1998
Tom Hollingworth Teacher, Middle School French,
Senior Assistant Houseparent, Harvey House,
Boarding Grade 8 Advising Coordinator
Zyoji Jackson Teacher, Middle School Mathematics and Science,
Senior Houseparent, Winslow House
Nikki Kaufmann Head of Physical Education,
Teacher, Senior School PE,
Senior Houseparent, Symons House
David Kerr Teacher, Senior School History,
Senior Houseparent, Harvey House
Susan Kerr Senior Houseparent, Harvey House
Graham Lilly Teacher, Senior School Economics,
Fifth Houseparent, Harvey House
Jake McCloskey Grade 8/9 Boarding Coordinator,
Alumnus, Class of 2009
Carole McMillan Head of Personal Counselling,
Boarding Counsellor
Lisa Mulvihill Assistant Houseparent, Symons House
Laurie Parker Community Services Coordinator,
Senior Houseparent, Timmis House
Jane Rees Teacher, Middle School,
Senior Assistant Houseparent, Timmis House,
Alumnus, Class of 1986
Spencer Robinson Senior Assistant Houseparent, Timmis House
Kyle Shaw Teacher, Senior School Science,
Assistant Houseparent, Bolton House
Linda Shew Seamstress
Stef Sloboda Junior Houseparent, Symons House,
Alumnus, Class of 2013
Amy Stark Teacher, Middle School Humanities,
Junior Houseparent, Timmis House
Darin Steinkey Senior Houseparent, Timmis House
Tiffany Webber Teacher, Senior School Science,
Assistant Houseparent, Winslow House
Donna Williams Head of Music,
Teacher, Senior School Strings,
Fifth Houseparent, Winslow House


Parents and students can also set up a cellphone account for the school year. Parents can have the bills either sent to their home address or make sure that the Boarding Services Office has the billing details necessary to forward bills to the student. Cellphone bills cannot be paid through the school.

Cellphone use is prohibited during the following hours

  • during prep time (6:30-8:30 pm Monday-Thursday);
  • during class time;
  • after curfew; and
  • before 6 am.

If using a cellphone, boarders should note that inappropriate use could result in confiscation.


Boarders can have a landline phone activated in their room with authorization from their parents. The SMUS phone system in residence includes voicemail and competitive long-distance rates.

The options available are:

  • internal (campus-wide) and local (Victoria) service only;
  • internal, plus long distance; or
  • no service whatsoever.

Boarders should bring their own phones. The school charges a monthly user fee in addition to long distance charges, which are listed in a statement sent to parents. Students who use their phone inappropriately may have their phone lines removed.

No off-campus calls should be made from or come into boarders' rooms after curfew or before 6 am. In case of emergency, contact the houseparents.



Laundry staff handle the bulk of students’ clothes and deliver clean clothes to their rooms. Students can also do their own laundry in their boarding house, which is recommended if they need items right away. The school has commercial machines and we are able to handle large amounts of laundry. Students should not expect a one-day turnaround, nor should they bring dirty laundry from their trips home back to campus.


  • Name tags (free)
  • Name tags sewn in by seamstress
  • Mending or hemming
  • Mesh bags for small items
  • Dry-cleaning pick-up/drop-off twice a week


To send letters or small packages to students, senders should label the mail as below:

Brenda Smith (Boarder)
c/o Mrs. Sally Green
Symons House - Room #207
St. Michaels University School
3400 Richmond Road
Victoria, BC V8P 4P5

All deliveries to boarders must be sent to the Boarding Services Office; deliveries are never brought directly to the houses. All parcels, in addition to being marked with the boarder's name and address, should also say, "c/o Mrs. Sally Green" to ensure there are no delivery mix-ups.

Students who are mailing letters or packages home can purchase postage from the Campus Shop or visit a post office in the nearby Hillside Shopping Centre. If the package is a priority, students can courier items through the school reception office and have the cost charged to their student account.


Students can travel to and from Victoria through the Victoria International Airport or the BC Ferries terminal at Swartz Bay. For long weekends and school breaks, SMUS runs a bus service to pick up and drop off boarders from the ferry terminal. Students can also arrange a shuttle bus to the airport through YYJ Airport Shuttle.

Boarders without Borders

Boarders without Borders helps connect our boarding and day communities. Through this program, day families can host boarding students in their homes for a Sunday meal once or twice a year.

This initiative is greatly appreciated by the boarders, who enjoy a home-cooked meal and a family setting. The hosts enjoy having a guest who can tell them about different places and sometimes about other cultures. Boarders without Borders builds lasting friendships between boarding and day students.

Boarders’ Cake Service

Boarding parents can still celebrate their child's birthdays by sending them a cake through the Parents’ Auxiliary. Cakes can also be arranged for other events, including academic or athletic achievements.

Fill out the online Cake Order Form at least one week before the cake delivery date.

The cakes available are:

  • Chocolate or white cake with choice of filling (three sizes, ranging in price from $35 to $67)
  • Oreo Cookie cake (three sizes, ranging in price from $35 to $67)
  • Dairy Queen ice cream cake (three sizes, ranging in price from $39 to $57)