Mail (Boarding Services)


To send letters or small packages to students, senders should label the mail as below:

Brenda Smith (Boarder)
c/o Mrs. Sally Green
Symons House - Room #207
St. Michaels University School
3400 Richmond Road
Victoria, BC V8P 4P5

All deliveries to boarders must be sent to the Boarding Services Office; deliveries are never brought directly to the houses. All parcels, in addition to being marked with the boarder's name and address, should also say, "c/o Mrs. Sally Green" to ensure there are no delivery mix-ups.

Students who are mailing letters or packages home can purchase postage from the Campus Shop or visit a post office in the nearby Hillside Shopping Centre. If the package is a priority, students can courier items through the school reception office and have the cost charged to their student account.