Phones (Boarding Services)


Parents and students can also set up a cellphone account for the school year. Parents can have the bills either sent to their home address or make sure that the Boarding Services Office has the billing details necessary to forward bills to the student. Cellphone bills cannot be paid through the school.

Cellphone use is prohibited during the following hours

  • during prep time (6:30-8:30 pm Monday-Thursday);
  • during class time;
  • after curfew; and
  • before 6 am.

If using a cellphone, boarders should note that inappropriate use could result in confiscation.


Boarders can have a landline phone activated in their room with authorization from their parents. The SMUS phone system in residence includes voicemail and competitive long-distance rates.

The options available are:

  • internal (campus-wide) and local (Victoria) service only;
  • internal, plus long distance; or
  • no service whatsoever.

Boarders should bring their own phones. The school charges a monthly user fee in addition to long distance charges, which are listed in a statement sent to parents. Students who use their phone inappropriately may have their phone lines removed.

No off-campus calls should be made from or come into boarders' rooms after curfew or before 6 am. In case of emergency, contact the houseparents.