Computer Services

Senior School Computer Services

Public computer access is available in all of Senior School computer labs and The Snowden Library. The library also has laptops available for loan. These areas provide ample access to computers for academic purposes. 

The school computers come with a range of standard programs, including the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, etc.) and Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, etc.). The school is a PC environment, with computers being replaced on a four-year cycle. For laptop users, the SMUS wireless network is available in all buildings. 

Senior School computers have a looser content filter than Middle and Junior School labs. Senior School students can access social networking sites freely but content is still screened for appropriateness.

While computers are very useful, some students struggle to use computers productively: social networking, computer games and movies can distract students from their studies. We always encourage our students to use computers wisely.


Computer network connections (wired and wireless) are offered to boarding students who use their own computers in their rooms. This access provides the student with Internet, student data storage space and email access.

There is also a computer in the common rooms of each residence and computer labs on all campuses. The Computer Services department also provides technical support to boarders with personal computers. Computer policy varies by grade and academic standing. 

Grade 8 and 9

Grade 8 or 9 boarders, as well as any new Grade 10 boarders are not allowed to have in-room computers, as we have found that students socialize more, sleep better and perform better academically without them.

Grade 10

Returning boarders entering Grade 10 may request to have a computer in their room and new Grade 10 boarders may request to have a computer in their room after their interim marks come in, which is usually in October. Permission will be granted if the student has a solid academic and community record.

Computer privileges are granted to students who:  

  • attend tutorials, classes, boarding activities;
  • have a positive impact in the house and school community; and
  • put effort into their classes and maintain reasonably high marks;

Misuse of the school network may lead to the revocation of network privileges.