Financial Services

The Financial Services department handles tuition payments and other school finances. They are located on the 4th floor of School House on the Senior School campus.

Student Accounts (Senior and Middle)

Every student at St. Michaels University School has a student account. When a student joins SMUS, their parents indicate what types of charges they will accept. Throughout the year, students use their accounts to buy items such as t-shirts sold for fundraisers, school dance tickets and hot drinks from The Howard Café.

For boarders, student account charges include required items such as temporary medical coverage and optional items such as dinner off campus or athletics expenses. The average boarding student has a monthly student account billing of around $350 but there is a lot of variation.

The most popular charges for day students are food, either from the Sun Centre dining hall or The Howard Café, and fundraising purchases. Students and parents should talk about reasonable use of the student account.

Monthly account statements are available through the Parent Portal.

Billing Issues

If a parent or guardian has an issue with an item billed to the student account, they should contact the office from which the charge originated. For example, if an item was charged by the Campus Shop, please contact the Campus Shop.

Financial Information

Child Care Expense Deductions

Child Care Expense Deductions

Published: May, 2013
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