Fitness and Recreation Facilities

Middle and Senior School Student Life: Fitness

The Fitness Centre at SMUS

On campus, students can play squash, soccer, rugby, basketball or hit the fitness centre to use the elliptical trainer and weights. Students can also visit nearby Olympic-sized swimming pools, rock-climbing walls, lakes, hiking trails and yoga studios.

Richmond Campus Facilities

  • Two gyms (single, double)
  • Fitness centre
  • Four squash courts
  • Four athletic fields

Fitness Centre

Students from the Senior and Middle Schools can access the gyms, fitness centre and squash courts during the times below. These areas are supervised and students must bring their own equipment.

Monday-Thursday 3:30-10 pm
Friday 3:30-11 pm
Saturday 9 am - 9 pm
Sunday 9 am - 9 pm


  • Six stationary bikes
  • Elliptical trainer
  • Free weights (2.5 lbs to 80 lbs)
  • Bench press and barbells
  • Two Olympic lifting platforms
  • Eight-station universal trainer
  • TRX training set
  • Stability and medicine balls
  • Kettle bells