University Counselling Program Overview

This page will provide insight as to how the University Counselling department engage with students and families through the process of exploring post-secondary options, finding fit, and preparing for applications to universities around the world.

Some students will need to plan for external testing as part of their university applications. Many students will choose to take an AP course and this becomes their external test. Test scores are always the property of the student and it is up to the student to decide who will see and receive the results of the testing. Students must request that score reports be sent from the testing body to the individual university/college. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If a student has studied fewer than three years in an English-speaking school, a test of language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS) would normally be required for admission.
  • If applying to medical schools in the UK or Ireland, students may need to take the UKCAT or BMAT test.
  • If applying to US colleges, grade 11 students can choose to take the PSAT (administered in October during the school day). In addition, students will likely need to take either the SAT or the ACT, and possibly SAT Subject Tests.
  • No standardized testing is required for admission to Canadian universities (other than proof of English language proficiency if a student has studied here for fewer than three years).
  • AP exam scores must be sent by the student to the university/college. They may be used in the admission process (if completed in or before grade 11) and they may also be used to determine advance standing after being admitted to a university.

Here is a one page document that explains the many acronyms associated with standardized testing.