Admissions Information

Is SMUS still accepting applications?

Yes, we are. Although we are at capacity in certain grades and programs, we continue to welcome applications for all grades. SMUS admissions is set up to process applications and conduct testing remotely. Start your application using our online application form.

Will I be able to get a visa or study permit for my child, as I hear some governments are suspending this process?

While we understand that other countries, such as the United States have suspended processing F1 (study) visas for students, Canadian embassies and consulates around the world continue to process study permits for students coming to Canada this fall. They have, however, advised families to start the process as soon as possible, as delays should be expected. Please visit the Government of Canada website for further details.

Is there a contingency plan in case the school does not open in September?

We continue to plan for a September start as normal. We will, of course, follow the recommendations of Canada Public Health and the Ministry of Education. We would only continue remote instruction if we are unable to hold traditional classes on campus.

What if we are not allowed to leave our country in the fall? Can we start online/virtual classes until we make travel plans?

We continue to plan for a September start. As more information is known, decisions regarding September will be made. We will be communicating these decisions as early as possible to our community through emails and via website updates.

What if there is a resurgence of COVID-19 during the school year?

We will respond with the same student health and wellbeing focus that has driven our decision-making thus far, and transition swiftly and effectively to a period of remote learning and community life.

What if I sign the enrolment contract and my financial circumstances drastically change? Can I get the deposit and any money paid toward tuition back?

SMUS is looking at all options to assist families.

What if we enroll and then my child is unable to actually begin or complete the school year. Will we get a refund?

Depending on the reason and date of withdrawal request, a prorated refund may be considered.

What is the latest possible date that we can make our enrolment decision?

Enrolment decisions may be extended on a case-by-case basis. For those requiring a study permit, the earlier the better. Please email Alexis Lang Lunn, Director of Admissions at [email protected] to discuss your personal circumstances.

Can I pay international student tuition in installments?

For an international student, payment is always in full. For circumstances related to COVID-19, please contact Alexis Lang Lunn, Director of Admissions by email at [email protected] to discuss your personal circumstances.

Is financial aid still available?

Additional funds are being made available for families who find themselves suddenly impacted by the current COVID-19 situation. Families are asked to apply through Apple Financial. Apple Financial will then provide the school’s financial aid committee with an assessment and recommendation. The process can take up to three weeks so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

If I have already been offered financial aid, is there any additional consideration that can be given in light of the impact of COVID-19?

While the financial aid committee will give due consideration to all reasonable requests, the school’s ability to accommodate reconsideration requests depends, in part, on the volume of new applicants, the amount of the requests and the financial aid funds available. The aim now is to assist families who otherwise might not have required support and now find themselves requiring a bridge for next year. Families who currently receive financial aid and find that they may require additional support for this year, are asked to contact Alexis Lang Lunn, Director of Admissions by email at [email protected].

Contact Information

If you have questions about admissions at SMUS at this time, please contact Alexis Lang Lunn, Director of Admissions at [email protected].