Graduation and University Applications

Graduation Requirements

What if a student is doing an online course required for graduation/admission?

Students still have to complete these courses by June 1 and ensure that their final report is sent to their SMUS university counsellor who will make sure that the course is included in the final marks sent to the Ministry of Education.

What if a Grade 12 student has work outstanding to complete the Career Life Education 10?

As this is a graduation requirement, the student must complete the tasks that have been assigned on MaiaLearning. Students who have not yet completed CLE 10 have been emailed details of what they need to do and given a June 1 deadline for completion. All tasks can be completed online or remotely.

University Applications

What happens now to a university application where no decision has been made?

University Counselling just sent our interim marks to all US and Canadian universities where our students have applied. We have been assured that applications will move forward with the information the university currently has on file.They will notify students by email when a decision has been made. Students must check their email regularly as well as log on to the admission portal (at the Canadian universities).

What if a student is notified that their application is missing documentation?

Fortunately, almost every university accepts electronic documents and we have easy access to both MaiaLearning and SDS from any computer. The student needs to email their University Counsellor and Ms. Herbie Lai ([email protected]) will figure it out. We can send almost any supporting documents electronically.

What if new applications are being considered for next year?

Students can contact their university counsellor and Ms. Lai by email to let them know what they are considering and work through the consideration and application process by email and phone. With very few exceptions, applications are done online and all universities have robust websites that provide all the necessary information about the university (programs of offer, virtual tours, pre-requisites).

What if a student was expecting to take a required English proficiency test in support of their application and now can’t take it?

If the test centre or testing body cancels the test, or if it is impossible to attend a test sitting, the student will work with the university requiring the English proficiency test to figure out an alternative. What we know is that this is going to be a global issue; universities have committed to working with students to find solutions.

How will 'proof of graduation' be determined?

When students complete their SMUS courses (remotely or in person) and the final marks are transferred to the Ministry of Education, normally at the end of June, the Ministry of Education will produce a final transcript showing proof of graduation and send a graduation certificate (the “Dogwood Diploma”) to the school. We mail the certificate and final transcript to students in August.

How will the final transcript be sent to a university?

This all happens electronically in the summer. The Ministry of Education sends the final transcript showing proof of graduation to universities around the world. Students will be given instructions by their university counsellor in April to log back into, or create a new account (you must create a BCeID account first) on the site: in order to indicate which universities should receive their final transcript from the Ministry of Education.

How are the universities responding to this situation?

Some Canadian universities have created pages to answer questions specific to admissions/applications:

This blog post (published March 18, 2020) provides an interesting synopsis (with some conjecture) of how the admission process at Canadian universities may be impacted by this disruption to the academic year.

NACAC has created an online tool to serve as a central resource for information about changes in college admission events, deposit dates, and more as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. It includes universities and colleges around the world.

University of Virginia (USA) has FAQs and their responses are replicated at other US colleges that we have been following.

University of Warwick (UK) has also provided FAQs specifically for future students and other UK institutions are providing a very similar response to these questions.

Contact Information

If you have questions about graduation and university applications, please contact Alison McCallum, Director of University Counselling at [email protected].