Precautions at SMUS

Will school facilities stay open during Spring Break?

Staff who typically work during Spring Break are carrying on as usual, with those who can work remotely being encouraged to do so. All buildings are closed and locked, including the gym and fitness centre. If you must come to the school, visitors to the Richmond Road campus are asked to call Reception at 250-592-2411 before entering buildings. The Junior School is also locked.

Who needs to self-isolate prior to a return to campus?

The pandemic status, both globally and locally will dictate any need for possible 14-day self-isolations. Currently, the BC Medical Office is advising against any unnecessary travel outside of Canada, including the US (see this webpage on the BCCDC website). If you choose to travel, or you are returning from travel outside of Canada, you will be required to self-isolate when you return. This would be served off campus, under the care of a parent, guardian, family member or family friend.

Can I collect items from the boarding houses or pack-up my room?

At this time, the boarding houses are closed indefinitely. This is in support of social distancing measures and to ensure the safety of those that still reside in the building and our cleaning staff that are currently working there.

Should the school not reopen this spring or a student is not be able to return to pack their items, arrangements will be made when it is deemed safe to do so for those items to be packed and shipped to their homes or placed in storage for their eventual return to school.

If in the future when the school re-opens, I keep my student home due to COVID-19 fears, will their absence be excused?

Excused absences include an illness of the child or family member, such as a communicable disease which can be transmitted. Needless to say, we will support parent decisions during this uncertain time, while maintaining an expectation that when the school is open that students should attend.

How is SMUS cleaning school facilities?

SMUS continues to use products confirmed by the manufacturer to kill human coronavirus and other viruses. We will continue to deep clean and disinfect school facilities in alignment with guidance from Health Canada and the Association of Physical Plant Administrators (APPA) standards. SMUS maintains an adequate supply of soap and paper towels for students and employees to use. If warranted, the school is prepared to deploy additional resources to ensure our campuses remain safe. As stated in the January letter to SMUS parents and guardians, this process has already begun, along with extra cleaning of surfaces and placing additional hand sanitizers in high use areas all around the campuses.

Will SMUS share information about other students or staff in light of the heightened concerns?

SMUS cannot share personal and confidential health information about any child or staff member with anyone, including parents or guardians.

Contact Information

If you have questions about our current precautions on campus including our boarding houses, please contact Keith Driscoll, Director of Student Life and Boarding at [email protected].