Middle School Information

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The information on these pages will continue to be updated. Please check our Latest Information page to know when new information is available.

Health and Safety at the Middle School

Please note that by coming to the Middle School, parents are confirming that their child is feeling well, is not exhibiting any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and has not had recent contact with someone diagnosed as positive for COVID-19.

  • Anyone who shows any COVID-19 symptoms must not attend school
  • Students may still attend school if a member of their household has cold, influenza, or COVID-19-like symptoms, provided the student is asymptomatic
  • If an individual is assessed by their family physician or nurse practitioner and it is determined that they do NOT have COVID-19, they may return to school once symptoms resolve
  • Anyone who shows signs of illness or has a temperature of 37.8°C (100°F) or higher while at school will be isolated and then sent home from school
  • Students who are absent will not initially be provided with school work, as they will be expected to focus on their recovery

Health Mitigation Strategies

Face Mask Expectations/Protocols

Please refer to our SMUS mask/face shield policy.

Hand Hygiene

  • Touchless hand sanitizers are located at each entrance/exit in the Middle School
  • Hand sanitizer are available in every classroom, learning space and office
  • Students and faculty are expected to sanitize their hands each time they enter the Middle School building
  • Students and faculty are expected to sanitize their hands each time they enter a classroom or learning space
  • Students and faculty are expected to sanitize their hands each time they enter and exit a washroom

Cleaning Routines

  • Following the end of each school day, the Middle School is thoroughly cleaned with a specific focus on surfaces and high touch areas
  • School cleaners clean washrooms and communal spaces three times throughout the school day
  • Each classroom and office space has disinfectant wipes should there be a need for minor cleaning
  • School cleaners are available at any point during the day should there be a need for more significant cleaning to take place


  • Signs are placed around the school reminding students of the importance to wear a face mask, maintaining physical distance (2 metres) and sanitizing and washing hands
  • This is also regularly communicated through assemblies, chapel and daily TAG meetings

School Day Routines

School Arrival and Departure 

  • There is no assigned arrival time for Middle School students
  • Students are welcome to arrive to school between 7:30 am and 7:55 am
  • Students are expected to wear a face mask when they enter the school
  • Students are welcome to enter the school through either entrance on the main level of the school
  • A teacher is at each entrance welcoming students each morning and ensures that masks are worn and that students sanitize their hands when they enter the school
  • Students are expected to wear masks when departing the school
  • A teacher is on duty at the end of the school day to assist with a physically distanced departure
  • Students depart the Middle School at staggered times, with the objective of lessening the likelihood of students collecting in larger numbers at communal areas:
    • Grade 6 - 3:10 pm
    • Grade 7 - 3:15 pm
    • Grade 8 - 3:20 pm

Monday to Friday Timetable

  • The Middle School move from a ten-day timetable to a five-day timetable that follows the days of the week
  • The timings of the day and number of lessons each day has not changed
  • The timetable supports students in managing and organizing what is expected of them


  • Due to the change rooms being quite small and not having sufficient ventilation, we feel it is not prudent to have students use them to change for PE 
  • As a result, students are expected to wear their PE uniform on days they have PE 
  • For Grade 6 and 7 this is four days per week and for Grade 8 this is three days per week 
  • On non-PE days, students are welcome to wear their regular school uniform or their PE uniform, as it is not uncommon for students to have some sports training after school 
  • Please take this into account when purchasing school clothing
  • For additional information about the Middle School uniform, please refer to the Family Handbook

Class Cohorts

  • In each grade there are four classes, with students having the majority of their lessons with the one class they are designated in and only crossing over with one other class for elective lessons, music and PE
  • This means the cohort size for Grades 6 and 7 are no more than 36 students, and for Grade 8 it is no more than 44 students
  • Students do not have any lessons with students outside of their cohort

Communal Spaces

  • Students are welcome to use communal spaces, with the exception of during recess, and this can take place with students from different cohorts
  • Students are expected to maintain physical distancing (2 metres) from those who are not in their cohort
  • In the absence of the ability to physically distance, students must wear a mask in these spaces
  • Students can expect teachers to ask them to find another location if it is deemed there are too many people for the size of communal space


  • Students have recess at the same time
  • All students are welcome to stay in their designated classroom or spend their recess time outside
  • Students are not allowed to stay inside in a classroom other than the one designated for their cohort
  • Indoor communal spaces are not used during recess
  • Each grade has a designated space outside to play and congregate
  • In the absence of the ability to physical distance (2 metres), students who choose to go outside must wear a mask 
  • Students who go outside will be with other students from their grade group, both in and out of their cohort


  • Lunch timings are staggered by grade in order to allow students the full use of outdoor and indoor communal spaces
  • Students eat lunch in their designated classroom with students from their cohort
  • Each classroom has a microwave available to students to warm lunch items
  • Students are allowed to stay in their classroom or go outside once their lunch is complete
  • In the absence of the ability to physically distance, students who choose to go outside must wear a mask
  • Students who go outside will be with other students from their grade group, both in and out of their cohort
  • It is not possible for students to have lunch in the Sun Centre dining hall, except Grade 8 boarding students, due to the inability to ensure appropriate physical distancing and students maintaining their cohort in a setting where they would not be wearing their mask 
  • It is not possible for students to order hot lunches and therefore all students must bring a packed lunch

School Supplies

  • In order to help students be better organized, we have moved to a one binder system and the school has provided a zip binder for each Middle School student, which has been charged to their school account
  • We have also provided each student a storage bin in which they keep the remainder of their supplies  
  • For a complete list of Middle School supplies, please refer to the school website
  • It is important that school supplies are labelled, as we want to reduce the sharing of supplies


  • Each Middle School student has their own school-provided laptop that is not used by any other student and is stored at school 
  • The communal computer classroom is no longer be used by students, best supporting our ability to limit the spread of germs
  • Students continue to receive ADST and Computer Science lessons, but they use their provided personal laptop and these subject teachers now teach their students in the designated classroom for each class  


  • Students cannot use their locker in the same way as they have in the past 
  • Students only use their locker to store their lunch, outer clothing and gym shoes
  • They do not use a lock on their locker, allowing them the ability to quickly transition from their locker area and not congregate 
  • All books and school supplies are kept in their designated classroom and each student has a designated storage bin to keep their school items 
  • Students do not have a PE locker this year


  • Students participate in PE lessons only with students from their cohort and one other grade cohort
  • Sporting co-curricular activities that take place at lunch or after school only takes place with students from the same cohort
  • Non-sporting co-curriculars are offered and do not require students to be only with students from the same cohort. All students are required to wear a face mask and maintain physical distancing (2 metres) during non-sporting co-curriculars