Boarding Safety FAQ

How do we know that the boarding community is ‘safe’?

All international travelers are required to quarantine/isolate for 14 days upon arrival. Boarding families have been notified and provided with Federal guidelines and expectations regarding 14 day quarantine. All quarantine is conducted off campus and confirmed prior to a student’s arrival on campus.

How will boarding students be isolated if there is a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19?

The boarding community has developed isolation protocols in designated spaces on campus, which are separate from main living areas. This will permit boarding individuals to be isolated, but remain on campus, unless this is deemed untenable. Boarding students will not be sent home unless this proves to be important to the safety and well-being of all. All of these decisions will be made in conjunction with the guidance of the Public Health Authority.

Who can access the Health Centre?

The Health Centre at the Richmond Road campus is for boarding individuals only. Implementation of virtual health care for initial assessment, triage, and non-emergency care is being instituted for the start of the school year.

How are boarding students be cohorted?

Boarding students are allocated into boarding houses to best align with school learning cohorts to minimize cross learning cohort interactions. This allows for more efficient scheduling, activity planning and target priorities for each specific cohort.

What are the rooming arrangements in the boarding houses?

Each boarding room is permitted to have two students occupy the room. Each room has a self contained washroom and shower.

Who can access the Sun Centre dining hall?

At this time, this facility is for boarding individuals only and they are expected to follow the boarding house protocols when using the dining hall. These protocols include sitting in designated areas, staggered meal times, reduction of density, and more frequent clearing.

Do boarding students still have access to on-campus laundry service?

The laundry operation has increased the number of days, with designated times for different students so as to minimize the potential ‘gathering’ at drop off or pick-up. In-house laundry use is minimal so as to limit the potential mixing of cohorts.

Can others visit boarding houses?

At this time only individuals within their cohorts will be permitted to enter the boarding house unless special circumstances exist. These exceptions need to be approved by the Senior houseparent or the Director of Boarding and Student Life.

What has been done to mitigate issues in the boarding houses?

We have taken the following steps to reduce the risk of any potential issues in boarding houses:

  • Increased frequency and enhanced cleaning of common and high traffic areas.
  • Removal of common computers in office and common rooms.
  • Removal of foyer furniture.
  • Installation of plexi-glass around duty desks.
  • Installation of sanitization station to the entrance of boarding houses.
  • Reorganization of boarding staff roles and House assignments have been made to decrease shift time, increase availability flexibility, remain open on long weekends and have spouses/partners work in the same building.