It’s the inspiration that motivates us that’s most fragile but most powerful.

- Steve Nash, NBA All-Star, SMUS Class of '92

SMUS is alive with challenges and opportunities. Motivation is one of our most important teaching tools; it shapes our students' attitudes about education.

Life-long learning entails an inherent desire to know more, to seek out new challenges and continually engage with the world. To instil this idea in our students, we favour intrinsic motivation over external motivation.

Intrinsic motivation means that we want students to value knowledge and experiences for exactly what they are, not what they might lead to. While we want to see our students perform well on tests and earn solid grades, it is much more important that students find passion for learning, achieve personal bests and stretch themselves to their limits.

This approach to motivation extends to all areas of school life. While we celebrate the championship wins of our athletic teams, we also celebrate the progress of each player and the team as a whole. While we recognize the special achievements of certain students, we also recognize that each individual has different skills, talents and goals.