Five Guiding Principles

We have developed our entire Kindergarten to Grade 12 program around these five guiding principles:

The Development of Character

Students will succeed best in an environment where the character and self also grow; where they develop as whole people. Our programs foster such virtues as honesty, tolerance, integrity, cooperation, respect, self-discipline, leadership, and social responsibility.

A Learner-Centred Approach

Students have different learning styles and different strengths; different rates of growth and different experiences that influence the way they learn. We want students to be active in their own learning, and to develop a sense of their own voice and how to exercise it.

Excellence and Rigour

Excellence resides in the full development of each student’s potential, and therefore each student should be measured in terms of that potential. In addition, performance on a personal, school-wide, provincial and national level must be measured regularly, using a variety of measurement procedures.

Critical Thinking

Students should learn to seek and value truth, and to sift the relevant from the irrelevant. Our curriculum and teaching methods lead students to see the connections between ideas, to think independently, and to work cooperatively.

A Love of Learning

Students learn for the growth and enlightenment of themselves and of others. Our academic program is founded on the pursuit of truth, open-minded enquiry, and intellectual honesty – attributes we want our students to possess throughout their lives.