Middle School

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Our outstanding academic program challenges adolescent minds at this critical stage of their intellectual and social development. Combined with our extensive leadership, arts and athletics opportunities, SMUS Middle School uncovers the excellence in each of our students.

Passion and compassion

We surround our young students with the adult and peer support they need during this transitional time to take risks and expand their boundaries, while helping parents maintain healthy connections with their children as they grow toward independence.


Our students belong to a vibrant, close-knit and safe community. SMUS Middle School classes average 15 students, an optimal size that allows our staff to get to know each child and follow their progress closely.

The pursuit of truth and goodness

Our leadership program is integral to our students’ development. SMUS Middle School gives each student a role in nurturing a learning and social environment based on respect, honesty, courage and service.

Outstanding preparation for life

We provide the solid foundation our students need to succeed – at Senior School and in life.

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Middle School Viewbook

Middle School Viewbook Cover

Middle School Viewbook

Published: September, 2021

The Middle School Viewbook is an overview of the program and experience of Grades 6-8.

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