Board Nominations 2020

The Nominations Committee is charged each year with the critical task of assessing the composition of the Board in light of vacancies caused by departing governors and then selecting suitable candidates for nomination. This is an ongoing task that continuously occupies the Nominations Committee and is undertaken with great diligence and deliberation. As an autonomous body set up by the Board its workings are necessarily confidential and its principal responsibility to the SMUS Society is to ensure that qualified candidates are nominated to fill vacancies on the Board.

This year, there will be four potential Board seats becoming available. Dan Sheehan, Ann Glazier-Rothwell '85, and Peter Finamore '73 are each reaching the conclusion of respective three year terms, but have not yet reached the nine year maximum, thus are eligible to return. Ron Solmer is reaching the conclusion of his third three year term, and as such, at nine years, is no longer eligible to return to the Board.

In its deliberations, the Nominations Committee endeavors to establish and maintain three characteristics of the Board as a whole: competency, stability and diversity.

Board Competency

The Nominations Committee seeks to find volunteers who bring specific skills and experience to the Board table. Currently, there are representatives from the fields of law, medicine, business, education, consulting, and finance, each with considerable expertise in their respective fields. As new positions come open, we seek to find a similar level of skills, experience and wisdom from new nominees, coupled with enthusiasm and the ability to donate significant amounts of time to Board activities.

Board Stability

The SMUS Board of Governors is a volunteer, unpaid Board, run on a cabinet-style of decision making, whereby although differing perspectives of individual Board members are brought to the table for discussion for any given issue, final conclusions are regarded as the conclusions of the Board as a whole, and are supported unanimously by the whole Board. As such, experience has shown that it is important that any given Board member expect some level of constancy in their position, so that they may focus on the issues for the good of the school, rather than having to campaign for election. In that regard, stability of the Board, and ensuring that while there will always be change it will come at a measured pace, is important to the efficacy of the Board as a whole.

Board Diversity

Equally important is that the Society’s membership be represented as fully as possible, in terms of gender, age, race, profession, geography and association with the school (be it parent, past parent or alumni). The Nominations Committee strives to balance, as much as is possible with a volunteer Board, the composition of the Board to work towards various elements of the Society having a voice in the Board’s decisions.

Nominations Committee’s Recommended Slate for the Upcoming Four Board Seat Openings

The Nominations Committee recommends to the Society that the Board seats of Dan Sheehan, Ann Glazier-Rothwell ‘85 and Peter Finamore ’73 continue for a subsequent three-year term with those individuals in those seats. We also recommend that the fourth seat be filled by Gillian Hayden ‘05.

Below you will find abbreviated biographies and the answers to two questions that we hope give you, a Society member, a view of why these four represent good choices for the Board.

The decision was a difficult one; all the candidates who volunteered for consideration brought considerable enthusiasm, experience, support and passion for the school in their applications. We bring this slate forward, and recommend its adoption by the Society for the principle reasons stated above: that of Board stability and diversity.

Nominations 2020 Information

Nominations Form

Board of Governors Nominations Form

St. Michaels University School Society Bylaws require the Nominations Committee to identify and nominate suitable candidates for election to the Board of Governors, and the candidates named on this website above are nominated. Individual Society members may nominate other candidates. Each individual nomination requires a nominator and seconder by current Society members in good standing, together with an acceptance of the nomination by the nominee, who must, herself or himself, be a Society member in good standing.

All nominations forms must be submitted no later than 4:00 pm on July 17, 2020.

The nominee should provide answers to the following questions:

Nominees need to be nominated by a nominator and a seconder: