SMUS Society Membership

St. Michaels University School is owned by the SMUS Society, established under British Columbia law to operate an independent, not-for-profit, co-educational school.

Eligibility for Society Membership

Full membership criteria is available in the Constititution and Bylaws document.

In summary, the following persons are eligible for membership:

  • Parents and Guardians of any current student
  • Alumni who have reached the age of 16 years
  • Parents or Guardians of Alumni
  • Any other person who is invited to become a member by the Board

Registering for Society Membership

The following was communicated in a message to Society Members on March 22, 2020.

Starting in March of 2021, we have begun a process to transition our membership from our current list of members to a new list, which would come into effect as the sole source of membership names in March of 2022. Each member is asked to confirm your intention to remain a member of our society by registering following the process below on, or before March 2022. Should you not register on or before March 2022, you will no longer be a member of the SMUS Society.

Members will need to re-register after ten years: in other words, once your Society membership is registered, that membership is good for ten years from the registration date. Register again – in other words, let us know your current details – at any point, and that 'new' registration is good for another ten years.

Register for Society Membership