SMUS Directory

Pat Benbow Accounting Assistant, Finance
Ian Bendfeld Assistant House Parent, Harvey House
Melanie Bendfeld Teacher, Senior School PE,
Boarding Activities Coordinator
Shelly Berlin Governor, SMUS Society Board of Governors,
Current SMUS Parent
Megan Blackey Teacher, Middle School Humanities and PE
James Booth Buildings and Grounds Manager
Devon Bottomley Teacher, Middle School Art
Bill Boyd Bus Driver
Lindsay Brooke Director of Athletics,
Senior House Parent, Barnacle House
Mimi Brown Teacher, Senior School Modern Languages,
Co-head of Modern Languages
Sharon Buckingham Administrative Assistant, University Counselling
Tony Bunting Security
Peter Butterfield Teacher, Senior School Choral Music,
5th House Parent, Bolton House
Catherine Cade Teacher, Middle School Mathematics
Teresa Calderon de la Barca Teacher, Senior School Modern Languages