SMUS Directory

Anny Ruch Senior School Receptionist
Heather Sandquist Teacher, Junior School Grade 4
Ryoko Sano Teacher, Middle and Senior School Japanese
Kyle Shaw Teacher, Senior School Science,
Assistant House Parent, Bolton House
Dan Sheehan Vice-Chair, SMUS Society Board of Governors,
Current SMUS Parent
Linda Shew Seamstress
Christine Shewchuk Administrative Assistant, Junior School
Samantha Shong Campus Shop Associate
Kyle Slavin Marketing Specialist, Content
Hailey Smith Executive Assistant, Outreach and Events
Mary Smith Teacher, Middle School Strings
Leslie Snarr Accounts Payable, Finance
Ron Solmer Governor, SMUS Society Board of Governors,
Past SMUS Parent
Anthony Souza Advisory Governor, SMUS Society Board of Governors,
Alumnus, Class of 1972
Sinan Soykut Programmer and Help Desk Technician