SMUS Directory

Delina Squire Assistant to the Director, Junior School
Jacqueline Squire Administrative Assistant, Data Centre
Amy Stark Humanities Teacher, Middle School,
Junior House Parent, Timmis House
Peter Steed Teacher, Senior School Computer Science
Darin Steinkey Senior House Parent, Timmis House
Danielle Stokes Beare Teacher, Geography Specialist
Diana Strandberg Controller
Kim Tait Teacher, Senior School English
Jeff Taylor Teacher, Senior School English and ELL
Michael Throne Governor, SMUS Society Board of Governors,
Alumnus, Class of 1972,
Past SMUS Parent
Judy Tobacco Teacher, Senior School PE
Tara Toller Administrative Assistant, Middle School
John Townley Bus Driver
Dr. Tracy Tresoor School Doctor, Health Services
Nicole Tripp Teacher, Junior School Grade 2