SMUS Directory

Katherine Cathrea Admissions Assistant
Deanna Catto Teacher, Senior School Mathematics,
Senior Assistant Houseparent, Symons House
Mark Catto Senior Assistant Houseparent, Symons House
Alex Cecill Teacher, Senior School Visual Arts
Kyman Chan '85 Treasurer, SMUS Society Board of Governors,
Current SMUS Parent
Chris Chong Marketing and Brand Design
Tony Clemente Bus Driver
Timio Colistro University Counsellor,
Academic Advisor
Ian Collett Head of Theatre, Senior School
Sharon Comeau Head of Transportation
Kathleen Cook Assistant Director, Junior School,
Admissions Associate, Junior School
Kevin Cook Director of Community Engagement and Global Expeditions
Tony Cordle Mail Room Manager
Lynne Cordy Boarding Services Coordinator
Anne-Sophie Cournoyer-Grenier Educational Assistant, Middle School