SMUS Directory

Kirsten De Launiere Administrative Assistant, Learning Resources
Claire de Rosenroll Head of Learning Resources,
Learning Resources Support, Senior School,
On sabbatical 2019-20
Lynette Delainey Payroll Administrator
Darlene DeMerchant Learning Resource Specialist, Middle School
Richard DeMerchant Teacher, Middle School Mathematics
Emily Deslaurier Teacher, Junior School Intermediate French
Ryan Dewar Teacher, Senior School English
Brady Doland Teacher, Senior School PE,
Senior Assistant Houseparent, Winslow House
Lindsey Doland Associate Teacher, Junior School
Riley Doland Teacher, Middle School Mathematics, Science, Communication Skills,
Learning Resources Support, Middle School,
Senior Assistant Houseparent, Winslow House
Eric Donatelli Teacher, Senior School Physics,
Assistant Houseparent, Barnacle House
Sarah Donatelli Teacher, Middle School Science and Math,
Assistant Houseparent, Winslow House
Amy Dove Content Marketing Manager
Michael Drew Assistant Director of Admissions
Keith Driscoll Director of Boarding and Student Life